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#Author Interview with Ashley Emma

Wrapping up my pay-it-forward theme, I’d like to introduce you to Ashley Emma. Ashley writes about a culture few of us know about, or perhaps it’s more accurate to say we think we know about it, but popular media has gotten the details wrong. 1,898 more words

Staci Troilo

Is eternal salvation secure for believers?

I once had an encounter with an Amish man who told me he was shunned by the Amish Church for belief in assurance of salvation. 1,694 more words


Lancaster County tobacco harvest

I just got back from yet another visit to Lancaster County, and I happened to be there at harvest time. I had my usual fun driving around rural roads and snapping pictures, sometimes as passenger and sometimes as driver. 89 more words


旅遊 | Amish farm tour & American host family

週末跟著學校教會組織去了一個兩天一夜的小旅程,分別去了 Lancaster, PA & York, PA 兩個城市。這兩個地方和我讀書的State College, PA約莫兩小時半的車程的地方,與其說是城市,不如說是其他鄉鎮更為貼切。

Amish people 是我一到Penn state就從學長姐口中得知的一個神秘的族群,他們過著相當原始純樸的生活,不用電不用網路不用3C產品不開車。這個資訊爆炸的社會,還有這麼一群人過著如此與眾不同的生活,當然要好好瞭解一下阿!!!

一到農場,便有解說員替我們導覽,這個農場比較像是Amish Museum是觀光客們觀光用,隨著導覽員的解說,我進入了Amish的家。導覽阿姨說,房子內的擺設是好幾十年前裝飾的,但跟她現在自己家裡的幾乎一樣,彷彿進入時空隧道 Everything changes, except Amish people.

簡單整理 tour 的重點:

  • life style:原始簡樸、自給自足,他們不開車,所以交通工具是馬車和卡打掐(腳踏車)
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Hutterite Bun

Like the Altkolonier Bun, I haven’t been able to find any reliable source for the construction of the bun, aside about 50 seconds on one BBC documentary from quite a few years ago. 304 more words

Schwartzendruber Bun

The Schwartzendruber are widely regarded to be one of the strictest and most extreme Amish sects, and apparently they don’t believe in elastic. Or bobbie pins. 255 more words

RELEASE BLAST ~ A Sister's Wish by Shelley Shepard Gray ~ #giveaway


A respectable young woman finds herself falling for 

an Amish man from the wrong side of the tracks.


The Charmed Amish Life #3… 1,457 more words