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Colour, geometry, art and context - James Turrell and Amish quilts exhibition in Tilburg

I have quite a soft spot for the minimalist, post-painterly abstract paintings of the 1960s and 1970s. I’m too young to have memories of the work as it happened and made its way into museums and galleries in the period, but it was important to me particularly during my years at art school where it was a regular reference point to many of my teachers. 563 more words

August in Amish country

Scenes such as these make iconic Amish country photographs. However, fields of shocked grain like this are less and less frequent. Rules for the Amish farmers are changing, allowing them to make use of equipment like combines to harvest oats and wheat. 79 more words


roadside stand

a local amish stand of vegetables, fruit and baked goods– i have never heard of cats bothering the stands, but i have heard of people abusing the amish system of trust– hopefully the screens help with that problem too– 9 more words


Mythology 101

My parents take family time very seriously and for them family means any relative who is at a 100 km radius from home. Friday evenings are dedicated to this task. 800 more words



Lancaster County, Pennsylvania: Life here is more than the serene, rolling Amish fields and the organic, locally grown fruit and vegetable stands.

With our blog, we want to give you a little glimpse into the… 254 more words