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The Australian Affliction

Australia. What more can one say. It’s an obscure overgrown island with some of the strangest sights seen to mankind traversing its rather orange landscape, and I’m not even mentioning its natural wildlife. 288 more words


Film Photos: Unify 2015

The day finally came….I had my polaroid disposable cameras developed and received back the images from Unify 2015.

The Amity Affliction, Thursday 29 January, Metropolis Fremantle

I’ve been following the metalcore/hardcore/emocore/whatevercore scene for about 13 years now and been going to gigs for over 20 years. Live music is engrained into who I am and truthfully I can be a bit of a harsh critic when it comes to live performances. 599 more words


Amity Affliction 10/14/14

Amity Affliction‘s musical style is quite uncommon, if I do say so myself. Now, before you call a bull-hoot-i-nany on me, their style consists of a techno-y rock/metal/amazingness! 53 more words

Interview with Joel Birch from Amity Afflication

Hardcore. Post-hardcore. Melodic. Screamo. Metalcore. It’s hard to brand the unique sound that is The Amity Affliction. The most fitting label? Fucking brilliant. Press Record’s… 1,547 more words


A day late, and a buck short!

Happy Friday! I usually write these things on Thursdays, but stuff was going on.  So, here we are on Friday! Isn’t that something to be grateful for? 1,596 more words

RE: The Amity Affliction - Pittsburgh

Double kicks, chunky riffs and crisp clean vocals harmonised with a glottal scream. There is something in that formula that makes Amity Affliction bridge the gap between metalcore fans and regular ole’ music fans like no other.  185 more words