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The game starts with Orion explaining the background. In a certain world, in a certain country, and in a certain girl’s story on the first of August she woke up and lost all her memories. 10,124 more words

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Amnesia Later: Ukyou

Profound apologies for how long it took me to crank this out augh god why. orz I had finals to worry about on top of getting a job, making preparations to move, et cetera in between my last update and now. 3,252 more words


Amnesia Later: Orion


Orion’s a babe

I actually wrote this post very seriously since Orion is a babe. Please excuse the flowery language.

Ukyou’s post will be delayed since that one has to go through some major editing, but as far as the backlog is concerned, Amnesia Later is officially complete! 1,824 more words


Amnesia Later: Waka & Girls Party

The level of detail in this post is significantly lower than my usual as if I drag Amnesia Later on for any longer I will just never finish it. 794 more words


Amnesia Later: Kent

I was joking when I said Shin’s route almost made me ragequit, but………… it kind of did. I will fight myself tooth and nail until I finish Orion’s route since I’ve been looking forward to that since the original Amnesia, but my interest in the game has all but died tbqh. 2,709 more words


Amnesia Later: How About No

I’m convinced the only people that will enjoy Shin’s route will be those that actually don’t like him because Otomate royally screws him over here by giving the heroine the mentality of a five year old. 3,228 more words


Amnesia Later: Toma

I’m sorry for the delay. /o\ Not only have I been extremely busy finishing up my thesis, I started Tales of Xillia yesterday against my better judgment and am finding it hard to tear myself away from it. 4,541 more words