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Execution of juveniles, Iran’s disregards for children’s rights

Iran has managed to show absolute disregard for the rights of children by effectively executing a man arrested for a crime when he was 16 years old. 223 more words


Amnesty International Day

Today is Amnesty International Day, so what is Amnesty International you are asking? I mean most of us have heard of it, but have we really stopped to look up what it means. 92 more words

May 28th Amnesty International Day

Today is the day to celebrate human rights and awareness of all the abuses that occur daily in the world. Of course you can’t do that in one day, but today is the day to start. 334 more words

Unboxing The Bizarre

Alicia Keys and Canadian indigenous rights activists share Amnesty International prize

MONTREAL – American recording artist and humanitarian Alicia Keys believes a change is coming, as people in both Canada and the United States wake up to the fight against inequality and injustice. 631 more words


Amnesty International Day 2017: What is it and why is it important?

Each year May 28 marks Amnesty International Day, and the aim is to remind everyone of the value of human rights.

This event calls upon us all, regardless of race, culture or nationality, to rise up and participate in the ongoing activities of the organisation. 590 more words


Philippines 'Dirty' Duterte facing ‘same ISIS dynamic’ as Assad in Syria

Beleaguered residents, including women and children, bring whatever they can as they flee Marawi City to escape the fighting between government troops and terrorists who have occupied portions of the city. 767 more words