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Rubio Is The Candidate of Open Borders

How bad is Senator Marco Rubio on immigration? Very bad.

Issued by renowned conservative Phyllis Schlafly, the “Rubio Betrayal Memo” is a 15 page analysis which details his actions in Congress and why he should be disqualified from the presidential race.


Rick Santorum Abandons His Own Principles to Endorse Marco Rubio

For a while in 2012, I enthusiastically supported Rick Santorum for president. He made some blunders that forced me to reevaluate his viability, and his blend of fiscal, social, and defense conservatism was largely obsolete this time around thanks to Ted Cruz, but I always retained a soft spot for Rick, thanks to him being a pro-life, pro-marriage champion, rock-solid on national defense, and having the… 709 more words

Got Any Overdue Books? Now Is The Week To Return Them To The Chicago Public Library!

Sometimes you can be so overdue on a library book that it’s actually easier to keep it than pay the fine.

This week though, may be the week to return them. 77 more words


The Invasion of America

Editor’s Note:  For the record, I have been predicting this for over two years now.  And I have always said, even on national television, “You cannot allow a majority population with a third world mentality into a first world country .   433 more words

Donald J. Trump

Taunton Amnesty Group monthly meeting Tuesday 9th February

Tuesday 9th February at the Silver Street Baptist Church, Taunton, TA1 3DH.  8pm start.
Join us to hear about our campaigns, human rights and the work of Amnesty International. 53 more words

Boko Haram crisis: Amnesty condemns reinstatement of Nigeria general

Amnesty International has criticised the reinstatement of a Nigerian general it accuses of war crimes in the fight against Boko Haram.

The campaign group named Maj Gen Ahmadu Mohammed and eight other officers in a report last year, accusing the military of killing more than 8,000 detainees. 223 more words

Amnesty IS Biblical

We shouldn’t need to be reminded.

“Do not oppress the widow or the fatherless, the foreigner or the poor.” Zec. 7:10.

A simple search “Bible + Amnesty” yields many links.

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