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Apropos “Amoklauf“

Amok, Amoklauf. Die Vokabel ist gerade mal wieder in den “Schlagzeilen”:

Amok – Der Begriff soll aus der malaysischen Sprachen stammen und „rasen… 165 more words


Make love, not war.

Wir saßen in einem kleinen Café in der nächst größeren Stadt, als unser Gespräch plötzlich durch das Lauterstellen des Radios unterbrochen wurde. Wir schnappten nur sowas wie “Ausnahmezustand”, “München” und “Tote” auf. 146 more words


Oh Munich, my love.

Probably all of you have heard by now about last night’s horrible events that took place in Munich, the stunning place I call home.

Living in a country where mass shootings – whether they’re religiously motivated or a disturbed individual’s doing – is just not common, this left me raw and scared. 425 more words


Eight Definitions of Terrorism that don't apply to the tragedy of Nice

One thing ahead: I’m aware that by now, Daesh claimed responsibility for the attack. That, however, doesn’t really mean anything. As of yet, there is no evidence that the perpetrator of Nice, Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, had any contact to Daesh whatsoever. 1,161 more words


Censored Titles of Shame, the Return that Goes Amok!

4-25-70, Louisville – NOT a film about The MC5, either. It’s Andy Milligan’s Filthy Five.

It’s time for another round of censored movie titles of shame. 714 more words

Safety and Security Expo Pulls In Crowds

Photos from the Safety and Security Expo at White Star, courtesy of Tatyana Thomas (taras.kaliopov)

The Safety and Security Expo at White Star is pulling in crowds and some secret admirers. 34 more words

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Drums Amok

Drumming. It strikes a chord deep within. And emits this resounding energy. Must be something about going back to our basics, our primal instincts. Add German band… 230 more words