AMOLED vs IPS LCD las diferencias de sus tecnologías

AMOLED vs IPS LCD, las diferencias de sus tecnologías en los smartphones y tablets Android encontramos que las pantallas adoptan estos dos tipos de paneles según el criterio del fabricante, por ejemplo un Nexus 5 utiliza IPS mientras que un Samsung Galaxy S5 incorpora AMOLED. 323 more words


Samsung Galaxy A7 officially unveiled, adding 5.5-inch screen to mid-range, all-metal A-series

Samsung’s Galaxy A7 hasn’t exactly been a well-kept secret, with the first rumors starting in September of last year, followed by regulatory filings, but the device is… 799 more words


Samsung Galaxy S4

Prodajno pakovanje:

  • Telefon
  • Li-Ion baterija kapaciteta 2600 mAh
  • Punjač sa odvojivim USB kablom
  • Uputstvo za upotrebu
  • Garancija


Nekoliko reči o ekranu. Prošli put najveće zamerke odnosile su se na… 1,588 more words


Start up: more on AMOLED deterioration, Panic in the stores, tracking the trolls, questions for 2015 and more

AMOLED screens. What will they look like in a few years’ time? Photo by RafeB on Flickr.

A selection of 9 links for you. May contain nuts. 2,116 more words


Start up: fooling image algorithms, Xiaomi's big year, how AMOLED screens degrade, and more

A thing of beauty – and an endangered species? Image by bozontee on Flickr.

A selection of 9 links for you. I’m not at CES, but if anything amazing happens there I might link to it through the week. 1,798 more words


Los Smartwatches Android recomendados para esta Navidad

Los Smartwatches Android recomendados para esta Navidad, encontrarás las características más relevantes de acuerdo a la estética y funcionalidades.

LG G Watch R: es un reloj deportivo de grandes dimensiones, realizado en acero inoxidable y aluminio, pantalla redonda con tecnología OLED, cuenta con mejora RAM de 512 megabytes y una batería con autonomía de 24 horas. 185 more words


Watch "YotaPhone 2 hands-on" on YouTube

A dual-sided phone, AMOLED screen on one side, e-ink on the other. Gimmick or innovation? Innovation I think but will it catch on? Only at the right price. 7 more words