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28. Wo AIMUN

Sleepy faces, fresh from a night long with parties and short with sleep, crammed into a five-star hotel conference room for the second day of Model United Nations or affectionately abbreviated, MUN. 490 more words

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27. Everyone's Business

When my friend was finally able to drag me out of my little room and into the swimming pool for some well-needed exercise last week, it turned out to be a surprising experience. 790 more words

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26. The Detour into History

Last Tuesday my friend and I decided it was a good day to hit up the Forbidden City. I am slightly ashamed to admit that I have never set foot in one of the world’s largest historical relics to be preserved in China, despite having been in Beijing for over half a year already. 920 more words

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25. It's My Process

A steaming hot cup of perfectly mixed caffeine, sugar and a whole ton of milk. Laptop charged and bright, at the ready. Notes, highlighted and on full display in front of the keyboard.  495 more words

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24. The Survival Guide to Family

I spent the entirety of January and part of early February with my dear, dear family in Southern China and Singapore.

Through Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year, rain, shine, humid climates and freezing temperatures, I stood by and weathered it all with my lovely grandparents and aunts and uncles to whom my entire winter vacation would not have been nearly as interesting and eye-opening as it was with them. 827 more words

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22.1 A Very Chinese New Year

Now that Valentine’s Day and what we here in China call Yuan Xiao or “元宵”  have come to a close, it’s time to look back on those 15 days of Spring Festival and reminisce the days of feasts, hellish firecrackers, and family reunions. 869 more words

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23 The Singapore Way


That was the magical date from which my vacation in hot, sweaty, gorgeous Singapore finally began back in January.

The first place I beelined for, was of course, the Marina Bay. 304 more words

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