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The lonely energy projects left behind by the clean energy evolution

Ultra low cost solar panels and lithium ion batteries are remaking how homeowners, businesses and utilities use energy. But dramatically cheaper prices for these technologies in recent years also means that other early innovations once seen as the future are now far less competitive. 1,639 more words


ANOTHER taxpayer subsidized solar company bites the dust

This is just the latest in a string of #EpicFail energy “investments.” Even though the dollar total is much less than the well documented Solyndra failure, it’s wasted money nonetheless.  530 more words


North Vegas Solar Plant Shuts Down

Las Vegas – A North Las Vegas plant that opened last year to build solar panels has shut down.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal says, according to a former worker at Amonix, the plant has been idle since May 1st.  63 more words


Obama's Sadim Touch.....Turns Gold into SH@%!


Since Obama was elected, there has been a corporate Trail of Tears where the littered remains of dozens of companies and billions of tax payer dollars lay in waste. 387 more words


Yet Another Green Energy Failure

But, hey! the O is doubling down on his bad investments. It’s a good thing he’s playing with your money, isn’t it?

In the wake of Solyndra ($535 million of your taxes), Ener1 ($118 million), and A123 ($249 million of your bucks down the tubes) we have… 189 more words


Time to End Poltical Kick-Backs

sub•si•dy (noun): a grant by a government to a private person or company to assist an enterprise deemed advantageous to the public

Subsidies. I hate ‘em! 1,126 more words