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Skylight Through The Gloom

That was the moment Cliff changed his mind. Watching through a film of tears, he could not help but be moved by the scenes of celebration taking place below. 172 more words

Short Stories


I don’t miss you because of your cute voice,
or our little talks,
of how much we want to see each other.
I miss your sweetness. 139 more words


Faith and Acceptance

I am asleep.
I wake up with a start.
I look around;
See nothing but darkness.

Along with the darkness,
Comes a fear.
A fear not of darkness itself; 97 more words

Let Me

-How old were you when you lost it?
-Lost what?
-Your heart.

-Your heart,
All red,
Pulsing, beating, pumping blood, but,
All dead.

Love gained, love given and love lost. 74 more words