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Agia Anna and the meaning of life

There is no big difference in the need you have to “open your heart” when you’re facing immense beauty, or when you are helping others to get through hard times in their lives. 21 more words

Carla Gardenghi

Le Grand Bleu ή Αμοργός

Η Αμοργός είναι θελκτική και αξιέραστη λόγω του απέραντου γαλάζιου που την περιβάλλει. Αναμφίβολα από αυτό το απέραντο γαλάζιο μαγεύτηκε και ο Λυκ Μπεσόν, αποφασίζοντας να γυρίσει εκεί, στην παραλία της Αγίας Άννας, την ομώνυμη ταινία.

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Angels and Asanas on Amorgos

I was on a shoot in Lisbon when my friend sent me the message.

“Babe. I can get us a deal on a holiday to a Greek island but we need to book it today. 2,118 more words

Greek Islands, Amorgos – Katapola and the Chora — Have Bag, Will Travel

There were a lot of French people on Amorgos because this island was one of the locations for the Luc Besson film ‘Le Grande Bleu’ which posy film critics and the French rave about but which turns out to be one of those hard to understand surrealist French non-event movies that goes around in ever decreasing self indulgent circles until it finally disappears up its own aperture.

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cyclades travel diary

summer,  july 2016

…jewel milos

and wild amorgos…