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People Who Favor the Migration to Renewable Energy Have Big Hearts--But Sometimes Impractical Ideas

I’m in close communication with the World Business Academy, a Santa Barbara, CA-based non-profit dedicated to the migration to 100% renewable energy.  I urge readers to check out their website and form their own opinions. 385 more words

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Rocky Mountain Institute Gives 40 Year Plan for Reinventing Fire

Reinventing Fire – 40 Year Energy Plan

Amory Lovins gives a sensible presentation on the logic of moving away from fossil fuels.  He outlines ecological, economic, and security advances that could be achieved over the next 40 years.

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Elon Musk and Tesla Energy

I’m a huge fan of Elon Musk. Anyone who bets against him on his “Tesla Energy” venture (batteries for distributed energy storage) or any of his other businesses is taking a huge risk, given his track record. 362 more words

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Matt Stroud and Going Long

Anyone who laments the death of long form journalism these days should take a look at “Wasteland” by Matt Stroud. The long form piece on the largely forgotten and abandoned nuclear waste site in Nevada for The Verge adds up to almost 10,000 words (and that’s not counting all the videos and photos that accompany the article). 2,059 more words


Understanding “Baseload Power” and Debunking the Myths that Surround It

Here’s an all-too-typical comment I received recently, which I present here to clarify an important point about variable energy resources, including wind and solar energy, and to clean up a common misunderstanding: 178 more words

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Enlarge the problem

I’m addicted to learning. I sneak reading into the smallest slivers of my day. I ask questions with a purpose. I jump at every opportunity to meet new people and hear their stories and lately, I have scrambled around St. 367 more words