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Matt Stroud and Going Long

Anyone who laments the death of long form journalism these days should take a look at “Wasteland” by Matt Stroud. The long form piece on the largely forgotten and abandoned nuclear waste site in Nevada for The Verge adds up to almost 10,000 words (and that’s not counting all the videos and photos that accompany the article). 2,059 more words


Understanding “Baseload Power” and Debunking the Myths that Surround It

Here’s an all-too-typical comment I received recently, which I present here to clarify an important point about variable energy resources, including wind and solar energy, and to clean up a common misunderstanding: 178 more words

Wind Energy

Enlarge the problem

I’m addicted to learning. I sneak reading into the smallest slivers of my day. I ask questions with a purpose. I jump at every opportunity to meet new people and hear their stories and lately, I have scrambled around St. 367 more words



“There has never been a time, in any society in any part of the world, without its sages and teachers to challenge materialism and plead for a different order of priorities… Today, however, this message reaches us not solely from the sages and saints but from the actual course of physical events…” … 191 more words


Industry says EPA rule needs more nuke support

One thing you can always count on from the nuclear power industry: when it comes to greed, the industry has no shame whatsoever; no matter how much taxpayer and ratepayer support nuclear power receives, the industry will always ask for more. 1,186 more words


Nuclear Newsreel, August 6, 2014

It’s the dog days of August; Congress is out of town (not that it does much when in D.C.); news is kinda slow….

But there are a few items that deserve some attention; so let’s first pause for a moment to recognize today’s 69th Anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing and then get to it. 877 more words

Nuclear Newsreel