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AMP Energy Base Flavor

Good morning everybody. Today I will be starting my review of the AMP Energy line, created by Pepsi. The first of the AMP line will be their base Green flavor. 591 more words

Pepsi Product

Amp Boost Grape - 3-22-2014

This week On… WHAT’S. MORGAN. DRINKING!? Amp Energy : Boost Grape. The majestic purple hue of this can immediately snagged my attention for the possibility of its excellence. 91 more words

Amp Energy Gold Apple Flavor - 11-23-13

This week on… WHAT’S. MORGAN. DRINKING!? (Winterpocalypse edition!) Limited edition, AMP energy: GOLD apple flavor. This little gem was the last can in the back of the refrigerator, it’s shiny gold luster drew me like Charlie to a golden ticket. 103 more words

Amp Boost Original - 11-9-2013

Today on… WHAT’S. MORGAN. DRINKING!?! Amp energy : Boost Original. It’s high time I started sampling some of the original versions of all of these energy drinks… so why not start by…” Being smart about managing my energy!” Gosh I hope this drink makes me a better manager… my quarterly review is so soon! 105 more words

Amp Energy Boost Cherry - 10-19-2013

Today on : WHAT’S. MORGAN. DRINKING!?! Amp energy, boost cherry, with caffeine and B vitamins. This beverage cautions you to be smart about managing your energy. 97 more words

Amp Energy Active Lemonade - 9-14-2013

This week on… WHAT’S. MORGAN. DRINKING!? Amp energy, active lemonade. This delightful beverage claims to have electrolytes (to hydrate you) AND caffeine (to…de…hydrate…you?). Let us not ever forget to be smart about managing our energy! 64 more words

How Does This Energy Drink Have More Sugar Than It Does Carbs? (Hint: It Doesn't)

There’s a reason that “Sugars” is a subcategory under “Total Carbohydrate” on nutrition labels, as all sugars are carbohydrates but not all carbs are sugars. So how can this Amp Energy drink have nearly twice as much sugar as it does carbohydrates? 202 more words