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ADA4530 Electrometer-Grade Amplifier

This design is used to evaluate the ADA4530 femtoampere (10^-15 A) level input bias current operational amplifier, suitable to be use as an electrometer. It has an operating voltage range of 4.5V to 16V enabling it to operate in conventional 5V and 10V single supply systems as well as ±2.5V and ±5V dual supply systems. Read more

Shadow Sensor Alarm

Are you frequently away from home? Having a burglar alarm is not bad idea.

The device can ideally be a burglar alarm that produces a loud tone when discrepancy of light is detected. 33 more words

6W Inductor Free Stereo BTL Class D Audio Amplifier

The audio amplifiers are amplifiers used to increase the amplitude of an audio signal that passes through it. This allows low power signal level to a level that is suitable for loudspeakers, maximizing the volume output. 15 more words

Auditioning cans - your gear

You are looking for a pair of headphones

You did your homework- looked up the specs, checked the response curves. read the reviews and shortlisted the potential few. 292 more words

40W Class-D Audio Amplifier with Digital Master Volume Control

Do you want your audio to be amplified at its finest? You might give this a try.

The OPA1688 device used in this design belongs to the SoundPlus family of Texas Instruments. 63 more words

Portable PA system in ITE

I was at ITE Ang Mo Kio this afternoon and I came across this setup there. That is a huge flightcase with amplifiers, processors and a mixer mounted in it. 102 more words


Making the LA4440 amplifier...

I was inspired by the following blog post from a hobbyist in Indonesia who made something similar for a sub-woofer amplifier. It has a passive low pass filter and the amp. 100 more words