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Schiit Audio Valhalla 2 Review

What this is…

There just aren’t that many reviews of the Valhalla 2 available.  I started thinking… I have a Valhalla 2, why don’t I contribute to the same community that has provided this lurker valuable perspective on my headphone purchasing endeavors.  979 more words


Rowbi Investigates - Are Marshall Releasing a 2203BLS After all?

You will likely have seen my previous posts that detailed rumours (and some confirmation from Zakk himself, see this article: http://rowbinet.co.uk/2012/01/04/marshall-golden-jubilee-the-holy-grail/ ) that Marshall were planning to release a new Zakk signature just, we assume looking like those in the picture above.  229 more words



Yes, I know it’s the title of a classic album from Australian group Crowded House but it is also an occasionally very popular way of finishing hifi products :D… 254 more words


Quad 404 - 2 Service and Upgrade Results

My good friend has now listened to his serviced and upgraded Quad 404 Mk 2 and emailed me his assessment:

“Btw…finally to answer your question…yes, Quad well worth the 200 smackers to renovate! 77 more words


When you buy a Handel Audio amplifier, you'll never be "screwed"!

Handel Audio’s amplifiers are unique in the industry for a minimum of visible bolts & screws in the chassis top. That’s not a fluke. Not an accident. 171 more words


Audiophile Ramblings...after an all-nighter

Over the years of building circuits, I have created amplifiers that produce music as sweet as honey and as smooth as silk with the right circuitry. 216 more words