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The Skulptor 1 Watt Tube Guitar Amplifier - Small package, Great Sound, All tube

For quite a while wanted a to own a small low power all tube guitar amplifier that would sound very Tweed or tonally american, that I could use at home with a small cabinet, would be eco friendly because it would be made of recyclable materials and with low power consumption, easy to move around and that I could play as in a neighbor friendly volume without it sounding dull. 259 more words


Fender Blues Junior III review


I’ve owned a fair few amps in my time, a Vox AC30, Marshall DSL401, Orange Rocker 30 and Cornford Roadhouse 30 to name but a few. 2,416 more words


Schiit Audio Yggdrasil DAC and Ragnarok Amp Review

Chris Martens has a review on Hi-Fi+ of the outstanding Schiit Yggdrasil and Ragnorok DAC/Amp stack.  This is the high end of the Schiit line and they are outstanding.   67 more words


Pyramid 901GC 10 Band Graphic Equalizer Amplifier

– 10 Band Graphic Equalizer – 12dB Boost/Cut – 2 Channel Amplification – 2 or 4 Speaker Hook-up – 200 Watts Rated Power – LED Level Meter – Fader Control – Frequency Response: 30-20k Hz – Slim Design – Output Impedance: 4-8 Ohms – Dimensions: 4.76”D x 6”W x 1.06”H
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10W Stereo Class D Amplifier

A simple 10W stereo amplifier providing a class AB performance with class D efficiency. Its efficiency is more optimized when a 12Ω to 16Ω speakers are loaded. 39 more words

Classic Amplifier Reborn With Modern Transistors

Someone brought a dead Marantz amplifier to ’s attention, a rather nice model from the 1980s with one channel entirely dead and the other very quiet. 388 more words

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The Dark Side of Fender

Fender have announced their all new Bassbreaker series! A nine piece electric guitar amplifier series. Full of endless grit, growl and Fender DNA with a twist. 114 more words