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The Art of the Electric Guitar

I’ve realized that when friends of mine use gadgets like cell phones, computers, or even air conditioning, they rarely ever feel the need to discover for themselves the intrigue behind those processes. 324 more words

Vinnie Rossi interview: The man behind LIO, PURE-DC-4EVR, and the iMod

Vinnie Rossi (of VinnieRossi.com), and his effusive smile are a bit of a legend in hi-fi circles, especially on the show circuit. Rossi is always quick with a handshake, and never forgets a face or a name. 3,420 more words


More Power: Powel Crosley and the Cincinnati Flamethrower

We tend to think that there was a time in America when invention was a solo game. The picture of the lone entrepreneur struggling against the odds to invent the next big thing is an enduring theme, if a bit inaccurate and romanticized. 1,134 more words


Acoustic Guitar Pickup Preamplifier with Equalizer

There are several different types of acoustic guitar pickups. Some of them belong to the passive type while others are in the active type. Passive pickups don’t change the sound characteristics of the guitar. 91 more words