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How we got started in the Amplifier Business

The Little Walter Story…

I paid my way through college by playing music in the local bars and clubs while getting a degree in Mass Communications.  663 more words

Little Walter

Absolutely Perfect: Understanding More about Gradable and Non-gradable Adjectives

I’ve been watching clips from Britain’s Got Talent, and I’m always amused to hear Simon Cowell’s comments. When he’s not impressed, he’s brutally frank. And when someone performs with truly admirable talent, he doesn’t hold back in his praise. 292 more words

Jennifer Lebedev

Really, Truly Helpful: Understanding Gradable and Non-gradable Adjectives

A question from a learner challenged me to formulate an explanation I hadn’t given before. I was asked to explain gradable and non-gradable adjectives. Sometimes students surprise me with their knowledge of terminology. 393 more words

Jennifer Lebedev

Completed, completed, started, started.

Turns out the last two weeks have been fairly productive for me.  I finished a few things and got started on another. 644 more words


More Spare Parts added to IBE's Huge Parts Inventory!!! Siemens, Panasonc, Universal, Dek and more

We have over 12,000 part numbers in stock that are SMT Equipment Related.  We can ship overnight and save you up to 60%! 3,469 more words

Crown XLS 202 Amp

Crown XLS 202 Power Amp
Excellent condition.


My Amp

Purchased in 1983, during my senior year in high school, the Roland Cube Chorus 60 was both my practice and performing amp for the next ten years. 424 more words