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Fender Champion 100 amplifier - review

I play in a band. My son, Harry, plays in a band. By default we own a lot of amps and guitars. Our collection includes a couple of beautiful valve amps: a… 692 more words


Jadis : Legendary Tubes

You cannot discuss French HIFI expertise without bringing up Jadis, a brand that has become one of France’s most shining examples of tube technology on the world stage. 842 more words


preamp switch

what to do if your are running two preamp lines to your amps? The answer is: Building a very fine switch enabling selecting your line, in this case between ARC 40 Anniv. 18 more words


Munich "High end" Special edition

Come with me to Munich High end 

It is my great pleasure to help you vicariously experience the 2015 Munich High End show, held from May 14-18. 75 more words


Guitarist Rock! Fender Super 112

The Fender Super 112 is your do it all amplifier.  Coming from a musical family, I understand how creating the perfect sound is often a daunting task with the wrong equipment.  60 more words

Avatar B210 Eminence basslite NEO10s $175 *SOLD

 Great cabinet for the money! Eminence basslite 10’s with a foster horn tweeter. 8 ohms and 300 watts RMS. Lightweight thanks to the neodymium magnets.

For Sale

Seismic Spotlight: Landslide Mixers

The life of a working band is a busy one.  Booking shows, engineering shows, playing shows.  Setup and teardown.  You’re not only your own agent, but your own sound guy and road crew too.   604 more words