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Creek Evolution 50A and 100A Integrated Amp

Creek Audio has been an integral part of the British Hi-Fi industry for the past 30 years. During this time, the company has never deviated from its founding precept; purity of sound with quality built products at affordable prices. 650 more words


Using Amplifiers in your Discovery


Use amplifiers throughout your sales process.  Amplifiers will allow you to get more information and this is especially important in the discovery process.  Picture your sales process as moving linearly across the X-Axis.   115 more words

Sales Process

Wyred 4 Sound mINT integrated amp

Wyred 4 Sound also has a couple of integrated amps to offer at affordable price points. This one is the mINT.https://wyred4sound.com/products/integrated-amps/mint


mINT Features: 109 more words


Do Hi-Fi Amplifiers Sound Alike?

Note: This is a long read. Scroll down for a TL;DR at the end. Links to sources are also at the end. If you have time, please read it all. 3,680 more words


MakeItWorkShop - The Prof's New Amplifiers - Check Them Out - They Are Amazing - Video Blog Scheduled Saturday 11th June 1pm Showcasing His Work 

This is a 1/2 Watt guitar amplifier in a cylindrical ashtray tin. it is fairly loud. The controls are (left) pull on – push off volume control, (right) distortion control. 178 more words

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Historical Amplifiers, Part 1 -1965 Marshall Super PA owned by Pete Townshend

Recently on the bench we had the privilege (and let’s admit it) a whole lot of fun working on this wonderful early Marshall amplifier.  It was a real treat to play.   429 more words

Amplifier Maintenance

Amplifiers classes

There are numerous kinds of electronic tracks classed as amplifiers, from Tiny Signal Amplifiers and Operational Amplifiers up to Significant Indication. In a linear functional amplifier, the output signal will be the amplification factor, known as the amplifiers gain ( A ) multiplied from the price of the input transmission and with regards to the character of those insight and output impulses, there can be four distinct classifications of operational amplifier gain. 233 more words