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Gibson LAB L-5 Amplifier

in the mid 70s, Gibson Musical Instruments purchased a UK-based company called Norlin that happened to own Moog Labs. Gibson immediately directed Moog Labs to design a series of solid state bass, guitar and keyboard amplifiers. 257 more words


Benchmark's AHB2 Stereo Amplifier

Achieving the full performance/responsiveness out of my speakers has motivated me to examine various amplifiers designs lately. In this quest to squeeze the last sound molecules from my speaker drivers, I have been comparing class A, Class A/B, Class D, and now this hybrid Class H and AB design from Benchmark and THX. 676 more words


Tv aerial fitters Cheadle

If you are after tv aerial fitters for cheadle and surrounding areas look no further than Aerial-tek.
Here is a 3 room new Digital TV Aerial installation fitted by me in Cheadle consisting of a Mzr 12 digital TV aerial and new chimney bracket pole and 3 way masthead splitter with 3 cables fully installed for £130.00 complete we will not be beaten like for like prices. 30 more words

Ryazan G-811 aka Svetlana 811A

Are you disappointed that there are no longer any good 811A tubes available?  If so, read more!  I’ve discovered that NOS tubes are still available from the factory that made the Svetlana 811A that was quite popular with hams and enjoyed a good reputation.   570 more words


1979 Fender Twin Reverb

This amplifier needs no introduction.

What you’re looking at is a 1979 Fender Twin Reverb with the master volume control and 135w output transformer. This animal sounds amazing, gets loud, and rides that seemingly impossible line of having a big number of features that are all incredibly usable. 191 more words


Understanding Impedance (or "How the heck do I hook this stuff up?")

Speaker cabinet impedance, and how to properly connect your cabinet to your amplifier is one of the least understood parts of guitar rigs, and can be one of the most important in getting the proper tone and performance from your amp (as well as not blowing stuff up!) 784 more words


Start As You Mean To Go On

Start as you mean to go on, right?

It’s the first day of the year. For me, that means a few things:

  1. I sleep in. A lot.
  2. 640 more words
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