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Gibson Falcon Amplifier (Ga-19RVT)

This little sweetheart is an early 60s Kalamazoo-made all-tube amplifier. The sound is clean, clear and bright, but with the full body that you would expect in an all-tube circuit. 71 more words


Which amplifiers for an active-crossover speaker system? Some surprising observations...

They say that the main dis-advantage of an active crossover system, is that you need to buy more amplifiers. This is true, but in my opinion, also one of its greatest advantages. 1,403 more words

Yamaha ERG121C electric guitar (black) + Yamaha GA10 amplifier PACKAGE - $280

Both in good condition.

A great electric guitar from Yamaha, a brand renowned for great QC.

Amplifier is Behringer GM108. From the same maker as the famous Bugera. 81 more words

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A picture tells a thousand words: Instagram for business

Businesses today are very much familiar with the inner workings of all things social media. From innovating catchy hash tags on twitter to generating a mass of ‘likes’ of Facebook, most organisations have social platforms covered. 390 more words


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For my social media presence, I have concentrated my efforts on places like Twitter, LinkedIn and blogging. I'm feeling like it's time to branch out, so I'm getting interested in Instagram and how it can be used for business. The following provides a great overview for those who may be on the fence.

Good cheap guitar, bass, and p.a. gear

Musicians spend a lot of money on gear. Mostly, it’s wasted.

You can get good quality gigable gear very cheaply if you know what to look for. 815 more words

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Amp Confusion

I think I’m falling out of love with my amp. I have a Marshall Valvestate VS265. My friend Larry owned one and it had a feature that I absolutely drooled over. 234 more words