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Linear Tube Audio Micro-meet Impressions

Thanks to @willsw for meeting up with me at the underground command center of Linear Tube Audio last week to check out some new (to me) headphones. 745 more words


Creative Sound Blaster

Sound Blaster E1 is a portable and powerful headphone amplifier with support for studio-quality 600 ohm headphones, audio playback, and two headphone jacks for easy music sharing with your friends. 280 more words


1984 Fender Super Champ (Rivera Design)

In the 80s, Fender’s amplifiers sales started to fall off a bit, so top brass brought Paul Rivera on to bring some new life in to their time-tested stable. 406 more words


Jet City JCA20H

Jet City is a relative new-comer in the tube amplifier realm, and their focus is great-sounding tube amplifiers at a reasonable price. Well, the JCA20H nails that focus in a big – or rather, not-so-big – way. 208 more words


Watch "My Home Theater Featuring Potentia Maximus LFE (Quad TC Sounds 18" LMS 5400 + 2Quad 18" Passives)" on YouTube

It is amazing how much music can truly change the way a person feels. There is something about music and the rhythm of the beat that truly soothsayer the “Savage Beast.” I was at this concert watching every moment as the film rolled. 164 more words

Mesa Lone Star 4x10 Guitar Cabinet - SOLD

This is a Mesa Lone Star 4×10 Cabinet.

It is solidly built and loaded with Jensen P10R speakers.

It is rated for 80 watts at 8 ohms. 7 more words


Amplifying The Nintendo 3DS

Viewable in 3D and 2D. (Having problems? Try viewing it via YouTube.com or your YouTube app.)

I’m trying out one of those cheap audio amplifiers, hoping it will raise the volume of my Nintendo 3DS. 19 more words