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NAD C 275BEE Stereo/Mono Amplifier Review

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“The transients in this recording are astounding, especially from the bass drum. Poorly designed amps smear those transients, but through the C 275BEE the attacks were as tight and with as great a sense of slam as I can imagine. 35 more words



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“Perhaps the most striking statement the Continuum S2 makes pertains to the overall musicality of Class D amplifiers. Just a few years ago, the argument asserted in these very pages was that Class D wasn’t ready for prime time—the primary gripe being that it lacked extension, air, and transparency on top. 19 more words


Moon by Simaudio Evolution 760A Stereo Amplifier Review

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” I was able to appreciate the nuances of each instrument more easily than I’m accustomed to. Plucks of each string of Glenn Frey’s acoustic guitar were conveyed with truthful singularity, possessing precise leading-edge definition without sounding analytical. 28 more words


Audiopax Model 88 monos Review

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“That’s quite the trick. We obtain 15—almost 17 watts—from a single-ended KT88 in class A1 but with a triode transfer function due to how the series-parallel connected six amplifiers operate. 78 more words


Pass Labs XA160.8 Monoblocks $29,000/pair Review

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“Moving through the gaggle of great speakers we currently have here from Dali, Dynaudio, GamuT, Eggleston and a few others, the XA160.8s have no limitations. 31 more words


Audio Tekne TFM 2000 + TEA 2000 Review

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“This was, most likely, the first presentation of Audio Tekne products in Poland despite the fact that this is one of the highly appreciated Japanese audio brands. 32 more words