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MySound Cube Monoblock EL84 PP Amplifiers £4500 Review

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“The MySound Cubes are beautifully built, and give a real sense of pride when setup on your audio rack. They are different to the mass produced norm in many ways, they are valve amplifiers for the modern age. 18 more words


Manley Mahi mono power amps Review

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” The Manley Mahi monoblocks are unexpected. I have tested them for one month living an amusing and fulfilling listening experience. The infinity of technical solutions they offer, are a continuous stimulus to experiment and are suitable for all. 14 more words


Parasound Halo Integrated amplifier Review

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” The Halo Integrated amp’s power advantage over the excellent Vinnie Rossi LIO integrated amp with Magnepan .7 speakers was readily apparent, even when I wasn’t playing loud music. 15 more words


Hegel Music Systems H160 integrated amplifier Review

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” When I listen to a component I’m reviewing, I aim to stay mindful, but not so analytical that I suppress my feelings or intuition. 82 more words


YouTube #14: Emilla Pad menstrual cloth pad review

Once upon a time, there was a young woman named Emília Keszey. She lived in Hungary during the Second World War and taught herself how to stitch her own cloth pads. 941 more words

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