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Rogue Audio Stereo 100 Tube Amplifier Review

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” With the Rogue 100 female vocals came off very well and I believe male vocals actually improved a bit from what I recall of the Medusa’s renderings. 38 more words


Types of RUMPs

A quick synopsis of the different types of ReUsable Menstrual Products. There are so many types of AMPs you’re bound to find one that’s suited to you. 388 more words


NAD: Fender Excelsior

I got one today with the intention of modifying it into a Tweedle Dee, but before I do that I will play with it for a few weeks, perhaps changing out the speaker and see if the tone could be improved – even with a 15″, the amp still sounds bright to me…


Onkyo's A-9010 amp Review

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“The A-9010 sounded clean and clear with music and movies, even when I pushed the volume way up. I played a few LPs on a Pioneer PL-30-K turntable, first with the turntable’s built-in phono preamp, which sounded fine. 25 more words


School Bus Transportation Information

Did you know that only qualified students in FDK to grade 3 at Alexander Muir P.S. qualify for busing. FDK to grade 3 students who live  541 more words

Glossary of Terms

If you’re new to the world of AMPs or RUMPs all the new terms and acronyms can get quite confusing. I’m going to try and tell you about some of the more common ones. 271 more words