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CLONES Audio 25iR Integrated Amplifier Review

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“I listened to a lot of albums by the sublime Australian band The Church. Their 2003 effort, Forget Yourself, is nicely recorded and mastered. 7 more words


Sony STR-DN850 7.2-Channel AV Receiver Reviewed

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” This makes the automated part of the setup quite snappy, but it also gives the room correction system less information to work with. 14 more words


Raven Audio Nighthawk Tube Integrated Amplifier Review

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” When I first unpacked the Nighthawk integrated amplifier, it was hard for me to believe–based on its build quality and very attractive appearance–that this was Raven Audio’s entry-level piece. 46 more words


Devialet Ensemble System

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“Not only was the placement of each orchestral section obvious, so were the positions of the players within the sections — and the Ensemble did a splendid job of keeping the instruments integrated into the ambience of the Jesus-Christus-Kirche, where the recording was made.”


Naim Audio Statement Preamplifier & Power Amplifier $206,666 Review

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“he device sports a high quality WBT NextGen RCA sockets. Also large, handy speaker posts were custom designed by Naim. They are placed close to the floor so connecting even heavy, thick cables shouldn’t be a problem. 67 more words



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“The Whammerdyne Truth is dead quiet, even when coupled to the highest sensitivity of speakers. Its exceptional performance can be experienced with small box speakers–even with all of their limitations. 36 more words



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