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Octave Audio V 80 SE integrated amplifier Review

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“The Octave Audio V 80 SE is one unusual integrated amplifier. It packs a wallop, is perhaps the single most transparent and neutral machine ever to grace my Greenwich Village hi-fi rig, and is so acute to the source that I find myself adjusting the volume for every record. 40 more words


Service Centre for 'PRS' amps in Australia

Hello and welcome back to the blog. We are now offering world-class (non-warranty) service & repairs to the range of valve (tube) guitar amplifiers from… 405 more words


Fender Mustang GT40

This is the first, the World’s first even, totally Wi-Fi amp! Essentially a “look Ma….No Cables!”

It has a familiar look about it does the GT40. 202 more words

Great Guitar Gear

A Simple Secret to Fat Guitar Tones | Tim Pierce

This video speaks for itself, it’s easy to get fat, clean, and dirty tones, simply by using the gain range of your amp and dynamics in your picking.



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“To the A-70DA’s credit, they didn’t give me any early indication that the A-70DA focuses on any one genre. So, moving further into my music library with a more open (and quite frankly, more curious) mind, I already had a very good feeling about the result.”