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PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium Tube Rolling KT150 Review

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“Change speakers, or speaker position, and the preference for one or the other tube type based on tonality may change. I found that with the speakers positioned such that the room supported their bass by means of a sympathetic room-mode, resulting in a bass-heavy sound, the EL34’s sounded best but with the speakers placed such that the room contributed as little as possible, resulting in a clean and non-coloured sound, the KT150’s sounded better.”


NAD: MC2 T4-250

In preparation for the arrival of the DAS ST-215 and ST-218 loudspeakers, I purchased an MC2 4-channel power amplifier. It will be used to drive the 15″ drivers.


PS Audio Stellar M700 Mono Power Amplifiers $1499 Review

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“Don’t be fooled by the PS Audio Stellar M700’s relatively pedestrian looks. Its unassuming matte finish conceals an amazing combination of price, power, and sound quality. 80 more words


Electrical Measurements Explained

What does 24 Volts, @ 15 amps mean? What is a watt? What’s a watt-hour? What about an amp-hour? These are all crucial ways of measuring how much electricity is present, at what rates, and just how much that electricity wants to move. 590 more words

HVAC Explained

Wright Innovations Business Model:

Hey guys, just real quick let me line out how this business is going to function so everyone is clear on it to start with. First, I am one guy, not a team of folks so you always deal with me directly. 215 more words

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“When manufacturer insists to send jointly power amplifiers and preamplifier for a review, this usually means, that a lot of attention, energy and time were dedicated to the synergy between the two and how designer clearly wants a reviewer to experience it.”