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Throwback: 14-foot Thresher Shark Washes Ashore Moss Landing

Usually people visiting Monterey Bay have to book a tour on a boat to see wildlife native to our Pacific waters. But beachgoers got to experience a bit of marine science first hand when a 14-foot thresher shark washed ashore onto a beach in Moss Landing. 248 more words

Ampullae Of Lorenzini

Sharks Use ESP

As beachgoers flock to the ocean over Labor Day, thoughts of “jaws” will inevitably surface. A shark’s ability to home in on the scent of blood is legendary, but many people are surprised to learn that sharks have a stealthy sixth sense to find prey and explore the world around them. 1,540 more words

Ampullae of Lorenzini

Have you ever wondered how sharks get around in the ocean blue? How a hammerhead shark can find its prey without the depth perception or hearing capabilities that we primates have today? 161 more words

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