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How the shark got her sixth and seventh sense

Sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste. Sharks share all of these senses with us but have also evolved a sixth and seventh sense to meet the challenges of marine life . 771 more words


Hai der Woche: Koboldhai

Passend für Halloween: der Koboldhai. Er sieht richtig gruselig aus auf den meisten Bildern, nachdem er gefangen wurde. Einfach schwimmend sieht der Koboldhai eher normal aus. 144 more words


Shark of the week: Goblin Shark

Fittingly for Halloween: the goblin shark. It looks really scary on most pictures after being caught. Simply swimming, the goblin shark looks rather normal.

The goblin shark has a slender but flabby body, its color changes with age from light grey to pink due to visible blood vessels beneath the soft skin. 107 more words