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Shark Sensory

Sharks are really magnificent creatures that never cease to amaze me. We have all heard the astounding theory that a shark can detect one drop of blood in an Olympic size pool. 325 more words

Shark of the week: Blackmouth catshark

Did you know that many oviparous sharks can only lay 2 egg cases at a time (one from each oviduct)? A female blackmouth catshark is able to produce up to 13 eggs at a time (annually up to 100). 242 more words


How the shark got her sixth and seventh sense

Sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste. Sharks share all of these senses with us but have also evolved a sixth and seventh sense to meet the challenges of marine life . 771 more words


Shark of the week: Goblin Shark

Fittingly for Halloween: the goblin shark. It looks really scary on most pictures after being caught. Simply swimming, the goblin shark looks rather normal.

The goblin shark has a slender but flabby body, its color changes with age from light grey to pink due to visible blood vessels beneath the soft skin. 107 more words