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After yet another family reunion (and a couple days of downtime), ol’ Dusty’s back! Meet Captain Wither, the leader of a half-crime-fighting, half-criminal group in… 240 more words


Who else is a survivor?

Since the moment I was born I’ve done things MY way. Always Miss Independent, stubborn, hard headed, you name it. As I grew older my mom put me in many different things to find “my niche”.   172 more words


Blue Illness

It is not dirt inside my prosthetic limb that you can see in the picture below. A few years ago I had, like I said many times, bluish-green excretions from my amputated leg and from my hip joints too. 815 more words


Michael Stokes: It’s not the subject that matters, it is how the subject is presented

Michael Stokes. You know Michael. You were recently shocked by his photoshoot of naked American veterans who have lost limbs in the Middle East. (see photos below) 319 more words

English Version

In the mist of learning that my father’s remaining leg was recently amputated due to diabeties, I am learning that you have to take care of your self or you will suffer the consequences of these illnesses. 179 more words


Get Me Out Of Here 

I’ve just about had all I can take. My anxiety is at its max. My brain won’t even cooperate with me. My body … won’t even go there. 337 more words

"Crocheting on the tube has pushed me out of my comfort zone"

Elisabeth Ward works in content marketing, and has an upper limb congenital amputation. Despite some challenging roadblocks, Lis likes to be creative and keeps a… 987 more words

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