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Differences in Limbs and Definitions

So, one thing about me that is interesting is that I am lacking in something that most people are not. That is limbs. At the time of writing this, I only have one – an arm on my right side with a hand attached to it at the end. 246 more words


Boston Bombing Survivor Writes Break-Up Letter To Leg Before Amputation

Facebook Rebekah Gregory DiMartino is one of the survivors of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings. The 27-year-old Texan’s left leg was badly injured in the attacks, and she has since had 15 operations on the appendage. 17 more words


Safety First!

ANOTHER weekend of action across the sporting globe has passed, here I take a look at a fascinating sporting Easter weekend.

Over in Bahrain, the F1 circus rolled into the desert, and didn’t disappoint as Max Verstappen was the first casualty of a couple of laps of mayhem, as his brakes failed, under the double yellow flags that followed, Carlos Sainz Jr. 409 more words


The next step forward

I’ve been so excited to write this blog post, keeping it until now to share has been hard but the majority of people already know now. 472 more words


FMP production report 11

I have now completed my next page:

To recap on the story so far, here are my recently completed pages put together in sequential order: 151 more words

Need a Hand?

Up until a few days I was skeptical about public libraries hosting maker spaces and 3D printers. That all changed after I began reading articles about 3D printers and prosthetics. 127 more words

Introducing Easton LaChappelle - A Prosthetic Arm Engineer

The full robotic arm has 9 degrees of freedom (DOF). Each DOF allows the robotic arm to move in a different direction. V 1.0 of the robotic arm features finger control, wrist and bicep rotation, elbow articulation and shoulder flexion and extension movements. 109 more words