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“All I want for Christmas is…”

to walk without the rollator. I have been practising at home with one fore-arm crutch, and while I can get around the house within reach of walls or counters, I’m not confident enough yet to walk outdoors with just the crutch for support. 351 more words

Bionic Leg

Sitting Volleyball Club Doboj

Almost two decades after the war in Bosnia & Herzegovina ended the country remains threatened by more than 120,000 landmines, buried in the ground along former frontlines. 87 more words



After an amputation, your nerves continue to send signals to the brain. Most amputees will tell you even after amputation, they can move their fingers or wiggle their toes even though they don’t have these body parts. 1,191 more words


US Lacrosse Magazine - Capt. Ben Harrow

I just checked the mail and another issue of the US Lacrosse Magazine…….but wait this wasn’t just another edition. This edition brought a huge smile to my face. 341 more words



It is never too late

I was seven years old when I found my interest in shoes. I would never leave anywhere without my princess fairy shoes.

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Zulu Rema: the amputee breakdancer from Tunisia – in pictures

Street photographer Yassine Alaoui Ismaili follows 16-year-old Emeer Guesmi, aka B-boy Zulu Rema, as he trains and performs breakdance moves – all without the use of his legs


Latest Trailer Is Live!

I know… It’s been a while. I’m still here. Still plugging away at the documentary in my free time. And friends, I’m closer than ever to completing it!

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