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Aachen: verdict 8th December 2016

The verdict for the courtcase against the comrade from amsterdam, which had been taking place in the last month, will be announced at 11:30 on thursday 8th december, at the justizcentrum of Aachen. 31 more words


Yokiyo: Korean Cuisine with a Modern Twist

So if you’ve ever had Korean BBQ – you know that you cook from a grill and you always leave with the smell of smoked BBQ in your hair and all over your clothes. 238 more words


The Sun

Like many people who live in Amsterdam I long for sun at times, because it can be very rainy and windy at times. Mostly however the sun hides behind a thick deck of clouds. 73 more words



Around the end of my time in Amsterdam, I was on a mission to get to as many Christmas markets as I could, since I was heading back to New York a few days before Christmas. 336 more words


Another European Roadtrip

This time to: Amsterdam, Netherlands

First off a disclaimer: I forgot my actual camera at home (shame on me, I know) AND my Iphone decided to run out of memory AGAIN. 543 more words



This my submission to this week’s Photo Challenge: Relax.

I shot with a Olympus MD using a macro lens 60mm (120mm) F. 2.8. No post processing. 135 more words