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Delays For Metra, Amtrak After Train Derailment At Union Station

CHICAGO (CBS) — A train derailment Tuesday night at Union Station caused delays on several Metra lines during the Wednesday morning commute, which could extend all day. 304 more words


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Two of my good friends from my 1982-83 days at Purdue University came to Southern California for a family event and spent Saturday with us. They got us out of the house. 886 more words


I'm Spreadin' the News... I'm Leavin' Today...

“I’m going on an adventure!” said the young man to the drinks machine while it dispensed his necessary morning bottle of caffienated sugar syrup.

“Whirrr….Bzzzzzt…..Clatter… Clank” said the drinks machine, spitting out the beverage in question and wondering, in the non-plussed way machines do, why this human was bothering it at 0448 in the morning. 655 more words


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Everyone in my family has already been to Seattle EXCEPT ME (insert tears).

Seattle is near Vancouver so my parents decided to bring me to Seattle and since Seattle is near Portland they decided to visit to Portland as well. 484 more words


There's Nothing Outside of Yourself You Need to Be Happy (Except Maybe Headphones)

I live in house with a husband, 2 kids, a pit bull and a room mate. Given that we have 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, this does not give us a lot of space. 595 more words

Union Station Mummies of the World Exhibit 

Photo Taken from Union Station Website. Union Station Press Room

Union Station in Kansas City has a new exhibit called Mummies of the World. It is very well done. 202 more words

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