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Blood On Their Hands

Republicans who voted to cut funding to Amtrak in the wake of the fatal crash have blood on their hands. These types of train crashes happen because cuts to funding translate into cuts to maintenance, leading to accidents that kill people. 872 more words

10 Types of Friends We All Have

I have met many people over the span of my life. Most of these people I call friends. But there are different categories of friends. Allow me to break it down. 607 more words

Chiraq: Where a Kid Can be a Kid

File this under: People be cray.

You should never, ever, never, let your three-year-old go to the park all by herself. Unless she’s your third child. 774 more words

Engineer in Amtrak Derailment Didn't Tell Dispatchers Train Had Been Struck: NTSB

The engineer at the center of the deadly derailment in Philadelphia last week made no mention to dispatchers that the Amtrak train was possibly struck by a foreign object, a lead investigator said Sunday. 87 more words

FBI looks into shattered glass in new twist in derailment

PHILADELPHIA (AP) – The FBI has been called in to investigate the possibility that the windshield of an Amtrak train was hit with an object shortly before the train derailed this week in a crash that killed eight people and injured about 200 more. 623 more words