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Shipwreck Alley

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Amidst beautiful imagery of pristine shipwrecks on the bottom of Lake Huron, underwater archaeologists from the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary in share their thoughts and stories about one of the largest underwater collections of shipwrecks in the world: Shipwreck Alley. 64 more words



Computer lingo confuses me
I don’t speak the language fluently
comprehension limited to beginner’s luck

I learn more as experience informs
yet so much I cannot retain in my brain… 31 more words


Highway Robbery

Writing out checks for bills
sure does take the thrill outta paydays

The money’s here & then gone
to cover the cost for over-priced services… 8 more words


It's My Turn Now

The hounds are howling
but I’m not responding
– my ‘say’ must be ‘heard’ first –

To Whomever –
your barking is ineffectual
your correspondence goes unopened… 8 more words


Waiting for a Shot at the ‘a-OK’ Corral

The plot takes a sticky turn of events
by nature sickly & wounding in content
condensed into fragmented thoughts of betrayal
and, viewed from all angles, a disturbing image, indeed… 26 more words