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King's Anarchy Exert

If your friends aren’t honest with you, then what’s the point?

King’s Anarchy Book exert Chapter 5:

Julie rigged the tape to play from the beginning. 54 more words


Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid, Redux


I originally posted a version of this before the election in 2016. It still contains links to articles and op-eds from 2016, which I felt were still on-the-mark, I have revised it to make it more relevant for the strange world we live in in 2020. 2,131 more words

Thoughts About Change

Love isn’t a fairytale

We’ve all seen those love stories in books, movies/series and some really people picture it as if it’s easy, always so beautiful and stuff but what is love in reality? 186 more words


Angles - Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Ravi gently dragged Anjana towards him. Anjana could hear his heart beat. Yes he was tensed. She started playing with his fingers.

“Sandeep, Dhruv and I were three different individuals – Sandeep knew what he wanted, he knew that hard work and struggle is the key to success, and to taste the sweet success he has to fight hard, Dhruv was the angry young man of our group, attached to his family, he had seen the downfall of his prosperous family and wanted to fight to regain the prosperity, and me – an aimless young guy who did not know what he wanted, or what anyone wanted from him. 1,313 more words


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T-shirts… Hoodies… Stickers… … 23 more words


Memories of a Cyborg

When the explosion erupted, I threw myself behind the cover and glanced over the edge. In a field intersected by hills and trees of a sparse canopy, a red blinker flickered. 2,655 more words

#Creative Writing

Journey of Souls

The journey of souls
Is intriguing
While life may appear
Scattered in pieces
But every chaos holds
A distinctive pattern
Each dot connects to another… 80 more words