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Darker Stars BETA: Chapter 1 Legacy

Inheriting a baglamas that travelled through time would have made me smile on my birthday, had I not received it at my grandfather’s funeral. The rounded body of the instrument shined with centuries of wear. 2,764 more words

Chess Desalls


These empty halls,
a labyrinth
within this body’s
echo against
my bones.

© Sarah Doughty

Sarah Doughty


Oh, hey! It’s another character naming post! (And here’s one I made earlier… *gestures like chef on cooking show*)

This time, it’s about naming difficulties I ran into while working on… 713 more words


Like a Dream

“Okay. I love you, Mom and Dad,” Alexandria mumbled while wiping her face.

Without looking back, she walked to the gate and handed the attendant her boarding pass. 513 more words


Cabin 22 - Part 2


Jill shut the door behind her, and squealed with excitement! At 14 she was grown up enough to have a cabin to herself, and not have to share with Mum and Dad anymore. 2,342 more words


Trouble in the Quiet

You can tell when there’s real trouble because Morrisons goes quiet. People stop hollering and fighting and for a few blissful moments silence blankets the cold, metallic shell. 397 more words


Fall back on breeding...

Rita’s dinner-parties were the stuff of legend – a heady mix of rich conversation and frugal ingenuity. With crepe-paper chandeliers and coat-hanger candelabra she carried off an air of flamboyant spectacle. 155 more words

Flash Fiction