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Guest Submissions

As previously mentioned, the Summer of Bookshelf is coming soon.  BQB will be churning out the content at a fast and furious pace determined to win the writer’s battle along with his ongoing bookshelf battle. 135 more words


On Ideas

I remember the time the idea for Heavenly Lights came to me. That was in February of last year, just a month after I left my home in Michigan and moved to Texas for my film internship. 638 more words

Spring Is Here

How do you concentrate on writing when it’s 70 and sunny outside?  How can you immerse yourself in a computer or notepad when it’s warmer than it’s been in years (read: months)?  608 more words


Do Over!

Last blog post was Jan 7… that’s still better than i did last year, but i suck at blogging! Lets try this again!

I’ve been working on organizing things… A lot of my time has gone to goodreads and trying to get my author page going. 153 more words


Write About an Underdog in Your Story

U = Underdog

Everyone loves to cheer for the underdog; the loser, small fry, runner-up, the little guy. 343 more words


Can You Make Furry Friends?

by Kimberly A. Cook           (Twitter@  WarriorTales)

Somehow whenever I’m looking for Friday videos, I always end up watching Cesar Milan old “Dog Whisperer” shows. Then 45 minutes later I remember what I was trying to do. 89 more words

Quirky Fridays

The call of the wild

The call of the wild

The call of the wild
Is nothing mild
It’s sticks in your brain
It can’t be captured in a frame… 94 more words