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Ch3 Syria My new novel Edited version

So a week had passed since my embarrassment with Taj. I had put it out of my head and concentrated on my work. I was so bored with coding, but I had to do it. 1,667 more words


The Fault In Our Logic

What happened wasn’t our fault.
It wasn’t anyone’s fault.
Not even mine.

© Sarah Doughty

A little something from Safe,
the fourth installment of
The Earthen Witch Novels,
coming soon.

Sarah Doughty

To be Kissed

My hands clasp yours

Our warm palms

Pressed together

Fingers entwined

My eyes say

I dare you

You call my bluff

Pressing me back

Into the wall… 82 more words


Imitates Art Chapters 3 and 4

Chapters 3 and 4 of the latest work in progress. Refer to the last post for the beginning. Let me know what you think!

                                                                              3… 2,994 more words

PitchAmérica 2017 Calendar

Hi guys!

It’s high-time we announced the official schedule of this year’s PitchAmérica Contest. It’ll work much the same as last year, but here are the official dates where you can look forward to things. 138 more words


some days i am new-born dove


wild eyed


wet, delicate wings untested

trembling heart beating rapidly

as i teeter at the edge of the nest… 71 more words