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“Flames” is now a collection of 16 poems.  Please leave your comment, and share if you like the page.   Source: Flames


I Am Whole #amwriting

I won’t say you made me feel irrelevant that was on me, for having chosen badly, believing every scornful word you uttered “out of love”. You showed me levels of ugly so in contrast to your beautiful face I now have a map delineating darkness. 25 more words


I'm in the Wrong Coffee Shop

I’m working on a craaaaaazy stressful revision project right now (Pitch Wars, for those of you familiar with the publishing Twittersphere). I always work at a coffee shop near my house – we’ll call it Fifth Shore. 585 more words

WriterWoes #10 -  Tug-o-warring

This post is partly, if not entirely, inspired by my roommate. She got me thinking, you see, during one of our bullshit trade-offs. You know, those trade-offs between friends that have nothing left of interest to talk about after years of breathing the same stale air and then have to kill that stale air with enough hot air that the staleness is pushed to the floor, subjugated by physics? 254 more words



intone the words

of bone

alone, do not


the reality

of stone

fall from a groan

onto the throne

commission the fallacy

intern the crone… 69 more words


A conversation

Happy Saturday!

Another brief bit today, inspired by a prompt I saw on Facebook.


“Who are you?”

“Demon to some. Angel to others.”

Enjoy! 135 more words