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Gone Writing - Day ♥♥

Valentine’s Day.

I usually shy away from commercial festivities like this, but being all wrapped up in my love for writing and books these past weeks, I thought I’d make an exception and give you a little snippet of my protagonist’s view on love. 329 more words

A Bit Of Everything

Love - Valentines' Day, The Day of Love

It’s Valentine’s day, so how could I not write about love.

Love, including the romantic one, is an emotion which transcends all races, religions, and, sometimes, even reason. 268 more words

Micro Fairy Tales

I have been writing micro-stories that are based on images I find in my feed. So far Faerie Magazine has been the source, but I see many things on a daily basis that get me inspired. 79 more words


Evil Fixation: An Encounters Story

The rise and fall of waves at the edge of his sight keeps him calm. He stood there adorned only in a black kilt, as dark as his large wings and long, flowing hair. 790 more words


Self-Publishing A Few Months On...

Following on with my related experiences, it’s been a few months now since I began my self-publishing journey and I thought I might share my progress. 1,270 more words


If Anthony Trollope can do it, or 1117,000 words 15 mins at a time.

In my last post I told you that I was easily distracted from writing, in reality suffering from the chronic malaise of procrastination. Then how did I manage to write more than 117,000 words in eight months you ask? 383 more words

Writing Tips

Fuel the Flames of Your Eyes

Fire burns brightly
Behind your eyes
Though to everyone else
They only see the brown.

Bounded flames stoked
A heartfelt gift beheld
Another match to fuel… 13 more words