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Memorial Day Moments

It’s Memorial Day – summer is kicking off, it’s a long weekend (for us day-jobbers, anyway) and hopefully the weather is beautiful where you are! We’re talking today about our favorite things to do on this day – traditions, trips, and more. 349 more words

New Chapters of "Diaries..." Now Available!

Starting here, with Friday, 10th March.

Our protagonist prepares for a trip to Stavanger to evict his tenants and, of course, receives major set backs at the last minute!

The Daily Prompt: May 29, 2017

May 29

Use the following items to create a scene:

a roll of toilet paper, a can of silly string, a hockey mask, a roll of duct tape


Dance With The Devil (52)

Chapter Nine

“Hey!” Donnie yelled, turning towards the door half-naked, his trousers around his ankles. “This room’s occupied, okay?”

“Yeah, buddy,” Bobby chimed in, “Give us break would ya? 1,382 more words

Novel Excerpts

A Poet

“You might be known as the fool one,

the one who dwells soul into pain, sorrows, and despairs.
All kind of sadness emotions.

You might be the one whom they refer to as a lunatic, a loner, a weirdo. 72 more words


A Thought (18th Edition)

7″And someday they will quote me on
different issues but I won’t be there.”
Ali Qureshi

Neither owned nor owed

​I do not owe you my successes,

Much like my failures are my own.
I do not owe you my happiness,

Just like in sadness I am alone. 143 more words