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My Top Twenty Websites for Writers

I don’t know about you, but I rely on the expertise of other writers and bloggers. I have collected an array of blogs that are my go-to resources for writing advice, critiques, editing, grammar, writing prompts, research, publishing, and blogging. 354 more words


What The Heck is #MuseMon?

Hi all! I am pretty obsessed with Twitter # events, especially the ones that involve writing like #1lineWed and #2BitTues. I decided to start my own event, every Monday, with my own music inspired twist! 168 more words


Saving money, cashing in on rusty old skills while on Disability (Or NOT!)

This is my skills barter client, Magui.    This bipolar hope article is a virtual MANUAL on how you can do economically beneficial skills barters too. Especially as a writer. 23 more words


Notes from the Old Chapel - Tractorameggodon

So I am settling in really well into the Old Chapel. Harvest is in full swing so tractors are rumbling by the house every five minutes. 603 more words


Mindful Musings #147

They always tell you

Bend but don’t break.

The strain of bending

Constantly bending

Is murder on the spine.

Just break.

Oh, just break.

And when your body snaps… 9 more words