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Did you know it only takes one?


That’s right, one ISBN to print with IngramSpark and CreateSpace.

We all want our books available in as many places as possible but if the same paperback book has more than one ISBN, it can become confusing. 312 more words


Amidst the Excitement, Writing

So, my third novel has hit Amazon (yesterday) and I am ludicrously excited about that. The anticipation and nervousness, wondering when the first review will arrive, will it be a good one or not, will people like it…I think I could be forgiven for letting all this distract me, but I am pushing on and continuing to write Realmborn 2. 581 more words

Daily Updates

I'm a Padawan and I'm ok with that.

It’s no secret I’m a huge Star Wars fan. And I often use lingo from the SW universe in regular conversation with people – because somehow, I think this is cool. 678 more words

#amwriting: a Poem

Close to the Flame

Close to the flame,

It’s so warm in here.

Bad thougths are drifting away.

And I feel better inside.

The fire is so warm, 88 more words



Today I realise I am growing up
Growing up to be what I’ve always been taught against
Growing up and forgetting the lessons at school… 266 more words


These bones, ripped from the bodies of the innocent, lay before me, bleached by the sun and trapped in this world upon unconsecrated ground, will find no peace until The One returns with the ashes of their destructors. 32 more words