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Flash fiction - at night

The room was brightened up by just one small lamp in a corner of it. It emitted a dark light that barely covered the whole room. 276 more words



A black palisade of trees silently slides by, city lights flickering between its thin branches. It’s January and I’m very far from home. I left my country some 12 hours ago, a bit worried what direction my condition will take in the three-week absence. 4,070 more words

Car Conversations

Yesterday, I was in the car with two of my kids, when Jonah (boy, 7 years old), proclaimed he was going to be a writer. I smiled and told them I also have that dream since I was five. 217 more words

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#NaPoWriMo - Day 25: "He Just Drifted"

He Just Drifted // by Jennifer Patino
For D.D.

The burden on his back finally leaped off,
so he hit the road after decades of ignoring its call to him. 300 more words


Assumed Worries

She wasted so much time bleating,
now she could hardly recall
the last time she enjoyed
having a good laugh

She questioned every little smile… 149 more words


I'm writing a book!

Ever since I was young, I’ve loved reading. My grandmother, who I spent more time with than anyone growing up, always encouraged me to read. In recent years, I neglected books (maybe I saw books as a chore – a hangover from seven years of higher level education!); however, in 2018 I set myself a resolution of reading a book a week for the year. 489 more words