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Julie & Julia and Finding a Passion

Sometimes it’s easier to answer the question “Who am I not?” than “Who am I?”. I’m employed, but I do not have a career. I like to dabble on this blog, but I’m not a writer. 866 more words


Julie & Julia (2009) - A Deliciously Funny and Warm Plot

A few days back, I had watched The Hundred Foot Journey . For the first time in life I realized that being a foodie that I am, and with my constant experiments with food recipes, I also love movies about food and cooking. 329 more words


[Review] Big Eyes- Một bức hoạ ấn tượng của Tim Burton

Đây không phải là một phim mới nhưng có thể nói là một bộ phim đại diện thành công cho phong cách đầy biến hóa của vị đạo diễn cá tính này. 4,483 more words

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Texts Rebooted (and wearing their pants on the outside!): Man of Steel

CAUTION: Spoilers for Man of Steel ahead!

There are several things that I watched in the 1980s that I hold very dear; Robin of Sherwood, 1,538 more words

Amy Adams Sells Handbags

Much like Kit Harrington trying to sell shoes and perfume but actually giving the audience leg instead, Amy Adams is selling handbags but all we really see is the weird ways she is made to pose with the handbag instead. 358 more words


Man of Steel (2013)

With the impending arrival of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice coming, I thought I would write about the movie that ended up being the beginning of the DC Comic movie universe as well as a reboot of the Superman franchise that, much like the original Batman series , was destroyed by its fourth sequel. 754 more words