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I Learned Something New from The SweetGeorgia Show

I know quite a few of you are die hard podcast listeners but I only recently started to listen to podcasts again and I’m finding them to be quite enjoyable. 412 more words

All Knitting

mallard blue.

I am hooked on seamed sweaters. Like really hooked. They are brilliant. And so fast. I knit this in about 10 days!

I’ve had this yarn languishing in the my stash, which was originally meant for a sweater for one of the men in my life. 450 more words


Hyannis Hybrid.

This sweater has a little bit of a story behind it so rather than sharing all of that, all at once, in the finished post, I thought I would share a little with you this week. 253 more words


#ReadingForParity Week 11: Belleville by Amy Herzog

When I first read that Belleville was about a young American couple living in Paris, I imagined that the characters would be leading vibrant, chic, enviable lives. 881 more words

Women In Theater

Knitterly Dreams

I have dreams.  Goals.  Obsessions.  Ideas.  Projects or patterns I just keep coming back to again and again.  I think about them often.  I plan about them.   372 more words

#ReadingForParity Week 3: "The Great God Pan" by Amy Herzog

“The Great God Pan” is the kind of play I generally do not seek out — a small-ish cast (though by contemporary production standards, six actors probably doesn’t count as all that small), and a delicate, intimate story. 492 more words

Female Playwrights

Featherweight CustomFit Sweater

I’ve had a revelation about knitted sweaters, and it seems so obvious in retrospect that you’re gonna laugh. I have always had trouble knitting a sweater that actually fit me, and generally they’re too small. 333 more words