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Hyannis Hybrid.

This sweater has a little bit of a story behind it so rather than sharing all of that, all at once, in the finished post, I thought I would share a little with you this week. 253 more words


#ReadingForParity Week 11: Belleville by Amy Herzog

When I first read that Belleville was about a young American couple living in Paris, I imagined that the characters would be leading vibrant, chic, enviable lives. 881 more words

Women In Theater

Knitterly Dreams

I have dreams.  Goals.  Obsessions.  Ideas.  Projects or patterns I just keep coming back to again and again.  I think about them often.  I plan about them.   372 more words

#ReadingForParity Week 3: "The Great God Pan" by Amy Herzog

“The Great God Pan” is the kind of play I generally do not seek out — a small-ish cast (though by contemporary production standards, six actors probably doesn’t count as all that small), and a delicate, intimate story. 492 more words

Female Playwrights

Featherweight CustomFit Sweater

I’ve had a revelation about knitted sweaters, and it seems so obvious in retrospect that you’re gonna laugh. I have always had trouble knitting a sweater that actually fit me, and generally they’re too small. 333 more words


4000 MILES by Amy Herzog at Artists Repertory Theatre

Slow and surprisingly weak. Set does not resemble rent controlled West Village apartment in any way. Two main characters each off. Weinstein’s manic energy does significant damage to tone. 23 more words

Amy Herzog Designs

Blog: http://www.amyherzogdesigns.com

Maybe it is bias because I am knitting a sweater, but I absolutely love Amy Herzogs pullovers and cardigans.  They are beautiful and elegant, but so very wearable.   210 more words