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So pleased to be part of a group of LGBT writers in this issue of Mayday Magazine edited by Chase Dimock and Amy King. 34 more words

Jane Eaton Hamilton

Voices of Bettering American Poetry Interview

What’s the earliest experience, or a stand-out experience, you can remember that made you realize that you can be yourself, write as yourself, and write about issues that matter to you? 348 more words


Amy King's Poem


Amy King questions how media represent race and police violence.

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Poetry Foundation

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Short story: Some Particulars Concerning a Lion by Charles Dickens (1837), listened to on the Morning Short podcast.

Poem: Perspective by Amy King, listened to on the Poetry Foundation’s Poetry Now podcast from September 2016. 19 more words

Ray Bradbury Challenge

"She needs that uniform more than I do!!"

Amy King has seen a lot in 20 seasons as a high school coach.

But there’s one story she pulls out when times are tough, when teams are starting to fracture, when her players need to know the difference between being just an athlete and being a true teammate. 665 more words

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Poem Entries for American Poetry Contest

I Dreamt One Night

By Caroline Clemens

I began to think of our poor little match girl,
How she froze to death amidst a cold windy twirl. 934 more words

Birthday duo dazzle Wolf Nation!!

They are legends in their fields.

One’s a quicksilver track and soccer star who, at least according to the buzz from her fan club, may want to dip into some mixed martial arts action. 593 more words

CHS Wolves