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My first Experience With Audio Books

Let’s talk books.

I am such a huge fan of books. Personally, I love taking a few hours to de-stress and unwind with a good book. 590 more words

Sister Act

Let me put my cards squarely down on the table here: I am not a fan of watching nice things get wrecked and I don’t find it funny watching destruction for comic effect. 428 more words


HECK YEAH - A review of 'Yes Please'

I dedicate this post to Katy. You will find her mentioned throughout. The rest of the start of this blog post can be found at the bottom of the page. 974 more words


Books 16 & 17: I listened again

Book 16 for the year turned out to be Modern Romance, by Aziz Ansari. I borrowed the audiobook from the library and finished it in, like, 4 days. 852 more words


The Books Currently on my Wishlist

This month makes it a year since I moved to the UK, started university and discovered Netflix (we didn’t have Netflix in South Africa until December last year and, let’s face it, it’s just not as good as the UK version). 620 more words


#SmartGirlsAsk at the Emmy Awards

There’s a scene in Gilmore Girls when Lorelai makes fun of Rory (and Chris’) obsession with their new Sidekicks. REMEMBER SIDEKICKS??? Anyways, her line has always stuck out to me as quoteworthy and comical, mainly because of the nonsense questions she’s asking and at the even faster rate than normal she’s asking them in. 518 more words


Not In My Hoo Hoo!

In my ‘I Blame Kindergarten‘ post I jokingly mentioned spraying your kid down with Lysol to keep germs at bay, and by “at bay” I meant away from me. 305 more words