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Bojack Horseman S02E05

In case you were wondering, cannibalism is alive, well and socially accepted in the Bojack world. With his friends busy at work, Todd is left to his own devices and ends up protecting a chicken escaped from a factory farm. 582 more words


Bojack Horseman S02E04

After a perfect day, Mr. Peanutbutter ruins Diane’s birthday by throwing her a surprise party. The festivities abruptly end when Diane engages in a one sided screaming match, arguing over whether or not Tony Curtis is dead. 909 more words


Bojack Horseman: Depression and Alcoholism and Manimals

Season 2 of Bojack Horseman is now up on Netflix, and I settled down and consumed it over the weekend.  First and foremost, I have to say that I love this show. 936 more words


Bojack Horseman S02E02

Now that Bojack is relevant again, he finds dating more tedious than ever – even with the promise of sex. Everywhere he goes he is recognised by strangers who feel awkwardly intimate with him, given the success of his tell-all book. 941 more words


Bojack Horseman S02E01

On July 17th, Netflix subscribers would have begun what is now becoming an annual rite of passage: the binge watch. In this case, the show in question was Bojack Horseman which returned with its second season. 1,655 more words


Of Horses and Hubris: The Price of Second Chances in Season 2 of 'Bojack Horseman'

It’s not that Bojack Horseman–Netflix’s original series by Raphael Bob-Waksberg about a depressed, superficial Hollywood has-been trying to make something of his post-limelight life while battling demons of the formerly famous (Freeloaders, Groupies, Jealousy, Narcism, Reflexive Cynicism, Grandiosity, Self-Loathing, Anti-Social Behavior, Destructive Relationship Patterns, Mood Swings)–is that groundbreaking with its subject matter. 850 more words