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I sort of want Kevin From Work's job

This show will not be a cup of tea enjoyed by many. It is the tea of the few, the unreasonably proud, and the smarmy. In other words: me. 530 more words


How have you not watched: Bojack Horseman

Bojack Horseman is another one of those shows that I was very aware of, but just never got around to watching. I only caught five second glimpses of it from those YouTube ads that I (and everyone else in the world) cannot skip fast enough, but it wasn’t until I saw an ad for it on twitter titled “Five ways to know you’re dating three nine-year olds in a trench coat” that my interest was piqued. 855 more words

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'Kevin From Work' Review: ABC Family Comedy Is Awkward, Thin & Unfunny

The best thing I can say about Kevin From Work is that it’s awkward. Debuting on ABC Family on August 12, the single-camera comedy created by Barbie Adler is, as my video review above says, little more than a very slight premise and a thin collection of stretched-out jokes and setups. 257 more words

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Who gave "BoJack Horseman" permission to get Too Real in Season 2?

Back when I was writing for Nerdophiles, I reviewed BoJack Horseman season 1 when no one else really seemed interested in it. In my review, I admitted that it was rough to start, but it finished beautifully and that maybe BoJack’s journey of redemption would find success in season 2. 951 more words


Kevin From Work- Pilot

Starring: Noah Reid, Jordan Hinson, Amy Sedaris, Kimberly Crossman, Matthew Florida, Punam Patel, Paige Spara 274 more words

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They Shoot Anthropomorphic Horses, Don’t They? A Review of BoJack Horseman, Season Two

About a year ago, a new Netflix original series aired entitled BoJack Horseman. On a whim I began watching this animated comedy about an about an anthropomorphic horse (voiced by Will Arnett) living a self-destructive existence as a cynical, washed-up actor.   578 more words

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