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How Did I Miss That? Gilmore Girls Pilot Edition

Monday, October 5th marked the 15th anniversary of Gilmore Girls making its debut on the now defunct WB network. It was the beginning of a glorious… 1,459 more words


Why It's Unlikely We'll See Another Show Like 'Gilmore Girls' Ever Again

In the grand scheme of things, 15 years is an insignificant amount of time, a dead fly on the windshield that is the universe (woah). In the world of television, though, it’s an eternity. 899 more words


Stars Holla: A love letter to the 'Gilmore Guys' podcast

A few months ago, my sister asked me if I had been listening to her new favorite podcast, Gilmore Guys. I hesitated to add another series to my already full weekly podcast schedule, but since I like both… 903 more words

Writing Prompt: Inspired by "Gilmore Girls" 

*Disclaimer: if you don’t know or care about the intricacies of “Gilmore Girls,” then you probably don’t want to read on*
So I consulted the Daily Writing Prompt tumblr again, and in a sea of suggestions this one jumped right out at me: 1,748 more words


Oh, yeah! That was a thing! The Return of Jezebel James

By Jay Bamber

Oh, yeah! That was a thing! Is my new column looking at television shows and pilots that made almost no cultural impact whatsoever; pieces of television that nobody cares about and that disappeared without a trace. 1,595 more words

Oh Yeah! That Was A Thing!

Works That Inspired Me to Write

by Dawn Lanuza

Before I started writing books myself, I was an avid reader. I’ve tried out different genres over the years but discovered early on that I easily sway over to the Young Adult/Contemporary Romance section. 773 more words


An Ode to Gilmore Girls

I consider myself blessed for many reasons. I’m healthy. The people I love are healthy. I have a home, a bed to sleep in, food to eat, clean water to drink, and clothes to wear. 778 more words

Alexis Bledel