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Whispers from Gilmore Girls Like Mother, Like Daughter

Linda’s motherly whispers from the pages of Gilmore Girls Like Mother, Like Daughter… 100 more words

Motherless Daughters

Gilmore Girls Retrospective: 1.19, 1.20, & 1.21

1.19 “Emily in Wonderland”

Emily is on the hunt for antique dining chairs, and Rory pipes up with the suggestion to visit Kim’s Antiques, which is in Stars Hollow! 2,819 more words

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Today I recap: Gilmore girls, season 2

I love recap-ing.

I kind of love this season a lot, so it’s hard picking my LEAST FAVORITES, but I guess I can try. My #1 least favorite is probably… 306 more words

Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls Retrospective: 1.17 & 1.18

1.17 “The Breakup, Part II”

Last week, Rory and Dean broke up. He told her he loved her, and Rory wigged out and didn’t say it back, and next thing we know, Rory’s telling Lorelai that they broke up. 1,866 more words

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Gilmore Girls Retrospective: 1.15 & 1.16

The Gilmore girls are in for some heartache this week, but that won’t diminish our enthusiasm!

1.15 “Christopher Returns”

Before I really get into this episode, I just have to do a little preface on Christopher. 2,022 more words

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Yes, I'm a girl, a Gilmore Girl

Need a perfect show to cuddle up to in this cold weather? Try Gilmore Girls! Added to Netflix back in October, Gilmore Girls is that show that you can instantly connect to. 166 more words


Gilmore Girls Retrospective: 1.13 & 1.14

This week, we’re exploring two episodes with throwback themes — The Bangles and that damn Donna Reed.

1.13 “Concert Interruptus”

I have to admit that this episode is not one of my favorites. 1,902 more words

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