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To My Loving Creator

To my loving Creator

You made the universe, vast and mysterious.

You made this galaxy, set it in motion.

You made this, our solar system, 410 more words


zzzzz (Yawn) ... I'm awake!

See? My eyes are open! Really, I am awake now! And having a glorious time playing with my new toy communication device.

I love my new Tobii! 706 more words


Inside the Terror

Trigger warning : panic attack, anxiety 

Terrifying? Is that the right word? Crushed? Well, sort of. How can I describe in one word this recent, and worst so far, panic episode? 441 more words


The Anniversary

January 2015

At first, I rejected the idea. But in the end, I had to watch. Standing at the window in what had been my bedroom in 1964, I held back the sheers a little, just enough to see clearly. 1,388 more words


The Question

Recently, a reader posed a most intriguing and thought provoking question. George said,

“I have a question for you. Do you feel at this point in your life, you have done the things God wanted you to do? 664 more words


Lessons Learned in 2015

As has become a tradition here at “ok…so far” it’s time once more to look back at the past twelve months and see what I have learned. 869 more words


Nothingness: existance or lack thereof at the end of life.

Autumn/winter 2014, with an occasional surprise reprise.

It was like walking on the bottom of a lake: nothing was clear visually or otherwise, everything seemed to be moving in slow motion, and I had no idea what I’m doing there, let alone how I got there. 702 more words