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I Don't Like This Part

Writing this blog has blessed me in ways I could never have imagined when I began. The connections made with other writers around the world, for example. 406 more words


Dunlap: Neil Alexander Inspired In Life and Death

What do you say?

What can you say?

Do you give a call to a stranger to tell him he’s a hell of man who you have been admiring from afar? 736 more words



The following is longer than I like to post here. But I hope those of you who have been with me on this journey will take a few minutes to read this. 1,490 more words


And the Saga Continues

Hello. Yeah, I’m still blogging. I’m kind of stubborn that way. There’s no shutting me up, I’m afraid.

Since my previous post, in which I described the difficulty I’ve been having when typing with Tobii lately, I realized the problem may be due to a combination of factors. 699 more words


Losses and a Win

Change is part of life. Change can be unsettling, though.

I seem to be moving through more progression thanks to ALS. Those around me know how stubborn I have been about not giving up on trying to talk. 322 more words


Another Early Summer

Well, summer seems to have arrived once again. I am beginning to think southern California seasons should be renamed to more accurately reflect reality.

I propose the following: 294 more words


The impact of Rare Diseases in Spain

By Anna Reyes, MSc, Consultant at Insights in Life Sciences (ilS).

A Rare Disease is a disease which affects a limited number of the total population, defined in Europe as less than… 1,442 more words