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The Waning (Lou Gehrig's Disease)

You already knew.
Gaze unflinching, 
you told us to say the words.

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

A. L. S.

Despite sparse questions,
your eyes revealed
an understanding far deeper… 173 more words


Harvey's Suit

His nervous system wasn’t working anymore, so they had to give him a new one.

Harvey Lincoln was 59 years old when he was diagnosed With… 3,237 more words

Short Story

ATXN2 trinucleotide repeat length correlates with risk of ALS. By Sproviero et al. Neurobiol Aging 2017 (advance online Nov 24, 2016)

ATXN2 trinucleotide repeat length correlates with risk of ALS

Neurobiol Aging 2017 (advance online Nov 24, 2016)

By : Sproviero W, Shatunov A, Stahl D, Shoai M, van Rheenen W, Jones AR, Al-Sarraj S, Andersen PM, Bonini NM, Conforti FL, van Damme P, Daoud H, Del Mar Amador M, Fogh I, Forzan M, Gaastra B, Gellera C, Gitler AD, Hardy J, Fratta P, La Bella V, LeBer I, van Langenhove T, Lattante S, Lee YC, Malaspina A, Meininger V, Millecamps S, Orrell R, Rademakers R, Robberecht W, Rouleau G, Ross OA, Salachas F, Sidle K, Smith BN, Soong BW, Sorarù G, Stevanin G, Kabashi E, Troakes C, van Broeckhoven C, Veldink JH, van den Berg LH, Shaw CE, Powell JF, Al Chalabi A. 166 more words


Identification of New Genes Responsible for ALS using IBM Watson Health

Barrow Neurological Institute and IBM Watson Health announced on December 14th 2016, results of a revolutionary study that has identified new genes linked to Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. 591 more words


How often does depression precede the onset of MND?

Depression in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

 Roos E, Mariosa D, Ingre C, et al.

Neurology 2016; 86:2271-2277.



To examine the relative risk of depression among patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), both in terms of depression diagnosis and use of antidepressant drugs, before and after diagnosis. 230 more words


Muscle: Designed for Action

“Use it or lose it.” Jimmy Connors

When the weather turns cold, black bears retreat to their dens. During their period of winter sleep, they occasionally rouse themselves and shiver to raise their body temperatures, but for the most part, they engage in little physical activity.

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ALS Research

Guest: Dr. Richard Bedlack, Associate Professor of Medicine/Neurology, Duke University; Director, Duke ALS Clinic
Topics: ALS therapies, alternative/off-label ALS treatment options, ALS reversals


Duke ALS Clinic… 26 more words