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Book Review: John Green's An Abundance of Katherines

I picked up John Green’s An Abundance of Katherines with the intention of reading it along with a non-fiction book during the month of January… 624 more words

Life As It Happens

soundtrack DIR-2

Right now in the story Colin was just hit in the head and Lindsey Wells made sure he was okay and cleaned him up. Lindsey revealed that she has only dated on guy and his name was colin. 20 more words


” Retyping, Retyping, Retyping” colin discovers he is retyping his life over and over again. Which a lot of people are doing and might not realize. 21 more words


i think the song ” Back Where I Come From” by Kenny Chesney. I think this song fits because there is this old man talking about gunshot and what its like and what it was like back then. 28 more words


i connect this part of the book to any one who has had their first kiss with someone because he starts to talk about his first kiss.And how it change a lot of things for him. 16 more words


” dingleberries”, I like this quote because it is the word Colin and Hassan now use when the other goes to far and starts to annoy or bug the other. 25 more words


i think the song home by Philip Philip or look after by the fray would go with the book right now because they have now decided that they are going to stay in gun shot and they are going to stay with hollis and Lindsey. 43 more words