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No Contact

It has been two weeks of no contact with the other man. I’m going to refer to him as “Mr. London” since that is what my friend called him when I finally told her of what was going on with me. 575 more words

Contemplations & Introspections

Even if its just in your wildest dreams.

I like to think this is Taylor’s idea of a song about casual sex. Or perhaps she knows that its likely the guy will only be looking for that. 609 more words


A message to my other

This is a message to my other. Things I’d say to him but I won’t. I’ll let my actions speak the words but since I need to get the words out they’ll live here instead. 936 more words


To send the Christmas selfie or not to send. That is the question...

It’s been a few days since I’ve heard from the other man and I should let the no contact continue. I am, mostly, content to let it continue. 119 more words


Today I'm angry. It's dark times.

Today has not been a good day. I’ve found myself wallowing in self pity and anger on more than one occasion.

I’m angry at both men in my life. 334 more words

Contemplations & Introspections

"Goodbye, or whatever." The day I half-assedly tried to end my affair.

I didn’t realize at the time that it was only a half-assed attempt. I didn’t have the courage to whole-ass it. :)

Feeling frutstrated with the lack of communication on his part I posted this: 994 more words


I'm still here hanging where you left me...

In my last post, Jealousies, I mentioned that I was awaiting a response from the other man regarding my question on how long he will go without physical sex with a woman. 559 more words