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Pop Culture Monday: I Can't Watch! ...Yet, I must...

I hate being scared.

But I looooove being scared.

I realize that makes no sense.  But let me take you back for a few moments, if I may, to my childhood, where my love of freaky movies began. 1,213 more words

Pop Culture

That transformation scene . . .

Here’s the question, in the decades since has this scene ever been equalled?


The day I met John Landis...

Living a life with family who had an eclectic taste in music was, to say the least, interesting, but also opened up my world to a wide range of diverse styles of music. 1,065 more words


Begin at the beginning

So far I haven’t written anything. This is primarily to do with complete lack of inspiration as to what to write about. How do you start the ball rolling in a way to build momentum for the second hopefully more focused post? 261 more words


Top Five Werewolf Movies

SNAFU: Wolves at the Door (Cohesion Press) is almost a week old. Aww, look how it snarls at strangers! Careful, don’t get too close. It bites! 417 more words


There There, Wolf

Now, if Bobby were more of a Small Town America kind of werewolf with a cute werewolf dad and friends with wacky names (Boof!) then it would go something like this… 61 more words

An American Weirwolf In London 5: Jason Takes Manhattan

The shadows lengthened in Sam Boyname’s apartment, over the big oval rug on the dull hardwood. Garcia’s intestines had also lengthened, as he had somehow scored dope while undead and nodded off, leaving his exposed guts to be chewed on by Otis. 1,048 more words