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Luke... I am your pilot...

Search in your heart, Luke…
You know it to be true…

Fun from the Great Falls Balloon Festival, in Lewiston, Maine.

Happening all weekend people. 21 more words

An Appreciation

Happy, um... whatever...

Today, fun-loving people everywhere remember the incidence of Jamaican independence.

Or is that ‘sun’ loving people…?
I can never keep it straight.
Especially when I’m there. 612 more words

An Appreciation

Iced Tea... and Mozart.

Not much going on in the later stages of July, these days.
Historically speaking, anyway.

It’s all about this one person leaving on a trip to go way over there. 274 more words

An Appreciation

Title... we don't need no stinking title...

Today is the day on which we remember the 182nd birthday of one Edgar Degas.
He is considered one of, if not the founder of the Impressionistic movement, although he preferred to think of himself as a “realist”. 131 more words

An Appreciation

Happy (belated) Birthday...

Busy, busy, busy…
Oh, so busy!

And normally I’d lament my missing a particularly (to me) notable celebration.
But I couldn’t let this one just pass by unremarked. 63 more words

An Appreciation

Pining for you...

Today’s bit for history involves the birthday of the composer Ottorino Respighi, born in 1879 in the town of Oscar Mayer Bologna, Italy.

I really have no idea if he liked or ate sandwiches; and if he did, what type of luncheon meat he might have preferred… but I’m guessing olive loaf was right out of the question… 401 more words

An Appreciation

Mmmmmm... bacon...

It’s the birthday of the man with the best tasting name in show business – with the possible exceptions of Bobby Baked-Alaska (don’t you just… 782 more words

An Appreciation