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Happy Birthday…

It is the 141st birthday of a writer for whom I can never repay the debt which I owe him.
The clarity of his writing, along with the breadth of his thinking is, quite simply, astonishing to experience (whether or not you agree with him), as is the sheer ridiculousness of his prolificacy. 417 more words

An Appreciation

Reviving a love of emo with The Front Bottoms

As many kids who came of age in the late 1990s and early 2000s, I was obsessed with emo music. Those Drive-Thru Records and Triple Crown… 580 more words


Something in the air…

It’s been kinda breezy around here, lately…
Which makes pictures like the one below rather challenging. 351 more words

An Appreciation

In Memoriam…

It’s Friday, and I haven’t had the time to even look at the blog, much less write something for it.
But today is a rather auspicious day, in a rather sad way. 279 more words

An Appreciation

Another evening away from home…

The problem with…

One of the problems with spending so much time away…

Amongst the many problems with spending so much time in hotels, away from your carefully cultivated ‘nest’, is the problem of getting any writing done. 476 more words

An Appreciation

Happy Birthday...

It’s another banner birthday, um… day.

First up we have Johannes Brahms.
Were you to force me to actually choose one, and only one favorite composer (oh, cruel, cruel fate), I think Brahms would have to be my pick. 250 more words

An Appreciation

May the fourth be with you…

I love how I come to learn things from the internet.
Things I’m not researching, or even looking for.

I get some comics in my email every day of the week. 445 more words

An Appreciation