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An appreciation of the "Chest Burster" scene, in Alien (1979)

Suddenly Kane grimaces.

                  What's wrong.

        Kane's voice strains.

                  What's the matter.

                  I don't know... I'm getting cramps.
        The others stare at him in alarm. 810 more words

Just freakin' awesome...

Oh, my…
Sorry, but I couldn’t resist.
It’s just too darned funny.

And then I got to thinking.

Now, I hear all of you groaning, even as I type this. 253 more words

An Appreciation

It's World Series time...

It’s the greatest time of the year.

Not the most wonderful time of the year.
That’s a whole ‘nother can of worms.

I’m talking about the World Series. 342 more words

An Appreciation

Agincourt at 600...

Today marks the 600th anniversary of the battle of Agincourt.
There are English citizens around the world who hold this day sacred, in much the same way we Americans hold the 4th of July, and the Thai hold the King’s birthday sacred. 288 more words

An Appreciation

Sunday Jaunt, Pt. 2...

… which happened on Thursday this week…

Hey, you go when you can.

The colors have deepened noticeably, which is why I wanted to go back to the same places as I went to on Sunday. 69 more words

An Appreciation

A Sunday Jaunt...

… to see if the fall colors are any closer to peak.

We’re getting there.

I fear it may be a bit sporadic this year, with the maples surging ahead of the gums and the oaks. 29 more words

An Appreciation

The FFF of F...*

Fall can be such a tease, at times…
Right now, we’re experiencing 70 degree days around here.

That’s 21.111 degrees, to those of you in other parts of the world. 216 more words

An Appreciation