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The Dirtiest of Prince's Dirty Mind

For much of his career, there was an internal struggle within The Artist We Knew As Prince between spirituality and sexuality.    Prince reveled in sex.  Sexually explicit lyrics,  sexually provocative dancing, sexually ambiguity and androgyny, playing around with gender roles, and just generally taking on taboos and putting them to a beat so big you could live in it. 1,547 more words

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Shakespeare, cont...

A bit of fun from a number of known thespians… and one who, perhaps, isn’t known for it.


Who says actors can’t have fun…? 7 more words

An Appreciation

2B, or not 2B...?

This is an image of Shakespeare done by William Blake

Did you ever have one of those occasions when you needed to write something down, but didn’t have anything to write on, or with? 675 more words

An Appreciation

He Loved Him Madly

I was doing a pretty good job of taking a blog break because after eight years of blogging every so often I need a break.  And then Prince died today and the light poured out of me. 537 more words

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Good day, Mr. French...

Today is the day on which we remember the birth of a rather singular artist.

Daniel Chester French was born Exeter, New Hampshire on this date 166 years ago. 97 more words

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Made in the shade...

… from out of the mouths of babes…

And penguins…

Image found here.

An Appreciation

Happy Birthday, Sir...

Today is the day we remember the birthday of Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin.
Better known to the world at large as Charlie.
Born on this date… we think… in 1889. 179 more words

An Appreciation