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an appreciation.

wes anderson.


the colors. the buildings. the locations.

every one is perfect.

that’s why accidental wes anderson is so spectacular. reddit users send their photos of found wes anderson-like spaces, buildings and rooms – 6 more words


Acadia National Park...

… during a working trip to Maine some time back…

What sets this one apart is not so much the actual shot as the ‘developing’, after the fact. 109 more words

An Appreciation

Happy Birthday...

On this date in 1890, Yosemite National Park was established by Congress…

…and they haven’t done a whole lot worth celebrating since that date…
I know this is a gross generalization, and a complete misstatement of all the things that may have happened since then… but that’s the kind of malaise the current Congress has been inflicting us with, for what seems like forever!!! 29 more words

An Appreciation

Remembering Hef

By Devon Wendell

Having covered The Playboy Jazz Festival for Don Heckman & The International Review Of Music for many years, I had met Hugh Hefner a few times.I didn’t get out of it what most might think. 229 more words

Hollywood Bowl

Another one...

Another one with the 85mm f1.2 prime, that is…

Now, I’m not generally a fan of the fad shots.
If you have a lens capable of incredible DOF, it doesn’t necessarily follow that… 159 more words

An Appreciation

As promised...

… the first shot ever taken with the lens I mentioned in the last post…
A Canon 85mm f1.2 prime…

It gives a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘zoom with you feet’… 68 more words

An Appreciation

an appreciation.


jeanne moreau.

such a woman. was jeanne moreau.