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The Obscene and Criminal Malice Inflicted by Time

You know when you lose your TV remote and it drives you crazy. You look everywhere. You search frantically, chucking the pillows off the couch and lifting it up to look underneath. 521 more words

An Authors Life

Reflection on a Life Lived

My Dear Future Readers:

It is today that is February 1st.

February 1st…..a usually happy day for my family. But today something is quite different. Today it is a sad day for the first time in a long time. 350 more words

True Love

Groundhog Day Quotes

What exactly is a groundhog?

The Marmota monax, also known as a woodchuck or whistlepig, is a rodent. Yep, Punxsatawney Phil is a rodent who happens to get very popular every February 2nd for seeing or not seeing his shadow. 192 more words

An Authors Life

The Dreams of an Author

My Dear Future Readers:

Today, I wanted to tell you about the dreams I have. Yes, and they do include writing dreams.  It is not only dreams but rather things I strive to achieve. 582 more words

True Love

BattleTech Article in SciFiNow

The latest issue of SciFiNow has an article on the BattleTech franchise…one that I wrote.  I like the piece but that’s me. When you work on something like this it is challenging, there’s a LOT that make up the IP (Intellectual Property) of BattleTech. 178 more words


The Thoughts of An Author

My Dear Future Readers,

Today I understand that I must share my thoughts as they come. My thoughts may not always lead me to writing but I know that they will lead to inspiration. 659 more words

An Author's Life

The Voices of an Author

My Dear Future Readers:

Today, I want to share what I think about as I write because sometimes, I can’t seem to find the right words and stop writing all together. 649 more words

True Love