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Six Word Stories - Writespiration #65

An author’s life is all write!

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thank you Sacha Black for this prompt, it was and IS fun…

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The Importance of NaNoWriMo

November is National Novel Writing Month.  NaNo as it is known is an amazing and important tool for a lot of writers (aspiring and published alike), but every year, I get asked  453 more words

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Release Day (It's Finally Here!!)

I want to celebrate this day by eating chocolate with all of you!!

My kids often ask, “If you could have one special power, what would you want?” Of course, they mean the ability to fly (which could be handy when we’re running late for the school bus) or lasers shooting from my eyes (also handy for cooking dinner) or super speed (great for cleaning the house in the blink of an eye) but what I would really want, would be the ability to make baked goods appear out of thin air and then send them to anywhere in the world on a thought. 284 more words

An Author's Life

Samhain in the Celtic World

What does Halloween mean to you? Do the neighborhood kids come calling, begging for candies and other treats? Do you decorate the house with pumpkins, cornstalks, and skeletons?

111 more words

An Authors Life

My BattleTech Stuff

Okay, here we go.  My wife thought it would be good to put the books and articles I’ve written on display, a shrine to my ego of sorts, so here it is.  676 more words


10 Simple Steps to Getting Noticed on Wattpad

Step one

Write a book called, “10 Simple Steps to Getting Noticed on Wattpad.” (Like I did right here – https://www.wattpad.com/story/51458336 )

Step two

Use said book to give helpful information. 402 more words

An Authors Life

Comedy: the runt of the genre litter

I think there should be a movement in literature. Humour needs recognition. Movies, television, theatre, music, they all have a legitimate genre section. So why not literature? 255 more words

An Authors Life