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Happy Groundhog Day Writing Tips

As winter plods along, I feel more and more like I should stick my head in a cave and forget about writing. Depending on whether or not the groundhog sees his shadow, winter is still hanging around. 222 more words

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Planning My Power Of Love Series

My Dear Future Readers,

As I was writing the end of Book 1: Forbidden Love, I realized that my story was far from finished. So, when Book 1 was finished, I started Book 2. 553 more words

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Cover Reveal: The Runner's Daughter By Jessica McCrory

My Dear Future Readers,

I have a VERY SPECIAL treat for you today. My friend Jessica McCrory is publishing a BRAND NEW book. Her book is called… 342 more words

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I Am an Uncool Parent

I’m not sure when I became the uncool parent. There had to be a specific moment where I lost my touch; although, I’m at a loss to know exactly when that was. 1,255 more words

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Going into 2018 

Writers have a tough job. Not only do they need to create an original story, but they have to sell it too. If that is your end goal it will most often come with rejections. 212 more words

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Happy Hogmanay 2018!

Hogmanay…a strange word to this American writer.

“What did he say?” I said to a friend the first time I heard the word. Until recently, I mistakenly assumed it was the Celtic term for Christmas.

65 more words

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Go Boldly!

Happy Discoverer’s Day. How do you celebrate? I like to think of all the people who have gone before and those who will go boldly forward in the future. 308 more words

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