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Potato Potato

Didn’t you read those two words differently? Potato, Potato. Even if they mean the same. Weird how the human mind works. Talking about weird….

Did you ever just sit at a place, still, visualizing scenarios that will probably never happen? 182 more words

An Empty Mind

Just this

Lightning thunder all around
Soon the rain falls on the ground

I just made that up
Coffee poured in a cup

I tried drinking one sip at a time…

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An Empty Mind

Insert Topic

Slow walkers ruin my day. I am just trying to get somewhere and there is a slow person blocking my way walking as slow as humanly possible, and I am just like get out of the way mate. 223 more words

An Empty Mind


Wait. Before you read this. Stop. I said stop. Why wouldn’t you stop reading. Oh my Gosh, you are adamant. HA HA. So intellectually hilarious I am. 192 more words

An Empty Mind

I was told there would be cake

If I ever grow up, which I am peculiar about, I will plan to settle in a tiny Indian colony in some part of Europe. Or the other way round. 250 more words

An Empty Mind

Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle

The best moment one shares with oneself is when you sing or dance while no one’s watching. I find myself screaming, cause that’s what I do. 231 more words

An Empty Mind


I thought I was tired, but its been a couple of years and plentiful nights of sound sleeps later, I realize, I just am this way. 238 more words

An Empty Mind