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I thought I was tired, but its been a couple of years and plentiful nights of sound sleeps later, I realize, I just am this way. 238 more words

An Empty Mind


Have you ever mixed body or face creams and talcum powder and whatever unnecessary slimy stuff to make goo and pretend to be a genius? Well I have, I even had a designated bowl to do such stuff and a stick to mix it. 191 more words

An Empty Mind


The early bird can have its worm, cause those are just disgusting and early mornings are dull.

How amazing is salt? It looks just like sugar. 293 more words

An Empty Mind


Is it just my fantasy to fancy a beach body shimmering underneath the sunbeams with a flamingo patterned shirt unbuttoned all the way down. With a drink in one hand and a you-know-who by my side. 182 more words

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If you feel useless, think of a white pencil. What purpose does it serve? None the less it shyly retires in a pack of colors. I am pretty much alike. 221 more words

An Empty Mind


The only thing getting lit this weekend is the incense stick which will probably not even burn to its entirety. 🙄

All my bags are packed and I am ready to go and I stand near the door to say goodbye. 216 more words

An Empty Mind

Dogs or Cats

Has anyone ever really slipped on a banana peel. Its too imaginative to be true. More cartoon-ish than real.

The question of the century, Dogs or Cats? 162 more words

An Empty Mind