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Certainly unexpected, but, as I was only the messenger, I put the originator into the line of fire, so-to-speak. As the recipients were out, a gift of two  cheese truckles were left by the originator for the recipients to find upon their return home. 64 more words


This Photo With Kendall Jenner Has An Odd Amount Of Legs And It's Confusing Everyone

Everyone, stop what you’re doing and focus!

This photo with Hailey Baldwin, Kendall and Kylie Jenner at the Golden Globes has turned into an optical illusion… 106 more words


IT WAS BASS (thought it was an earthquake) - Songify This!

Some people in the Stapleton neighborhood say what's happening is not music to their ears not music to their ears (music to their ears) People, some people, people in this neighborhood they say what's happening is not music They say what's happening is bass Bassnectar We have to be…

What Is An Earthquake? | The Dr. Binocs Show | Educational Videos For Kids

You're laughing, right? Watching me tumble like that? Are you? Oh! No no, go ahead! But hey, do you know what just happened? There we go again! 26 more words

2017 - un nou roman cu încă 12 capitole

La Mulți Ani tuturor! Să aveți un an minunat, plin de bucurii și succes!

Am început anul acesta cu dreptul, la figurat vorbind. Mi-am propus să creez un an de neuitat, pentru că simt că în sfârșit pot duce orice la un bun sfârșit. 125 more words


One Year's Time

This time last year, I was starting my second semester at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I cried nearly the whole drive back, wishing I could have stayed home with my family. 467 more words


Articles A, An & The Grammar Rules - Verbal Ability | Soft Skills TrainingTutorial

Articles A, An & The Grammar Rules – Verbal Ability | Soft Skills TrainingTutorial

We are Providing Online Training with Highly Skilled software Professionals. Flexible timings, Limited seats, Step by step and simple explanation, Industry specific scenarios and Online Classes through High Quality Online Training Channels…. 15 more words