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An Open Letter To The Woman Who Broke My Father's Heart

Let’s start where I began to trust you with taking care of a person that is more important to me than my own self. You not only promised him, but you promised me that you could and would take care of him with every fiber in your being. 523 more words


A sweet confection of a film turns on its emotional head at the half way mark, providing a quietly moving finale that may be obvious but is no less powerful. 94 more words


Penggunaan a/an

Meskipun terlihat sepele, tapi penggunaan a atau an kadang sering membuat bingung. Kapan harus menggunakan a? Dan kapan harus menggunakan an? Kuncinya adalah mengetahui pronunciation yang benar dari kata setelahnya. 291 more words


Holy Man By Choice And By Grace

Holy Man (Or Woman)

Like it or not we are what we are

We can choose our path, to the light or the dark

If we choose to walk in darkness, that is our choice… 175 more words


S1014 Francois Boucher An Autumn Pastoral Case Cover For IPHONE 5 5S

The design of novel is easy to full access to all buttons and it is easy to clean and keep. This case can protect your phone from scratches, dust and it is a anti-skid, shock-resistant case. 6 more words

Ngổn ngang

Hai hôm nay cứ nửa đêm trời lại mưa.

Chạy về nhà trễ, cũng chả màng đến việc che chắn bản thân trước cơn mưa bất chợt, mình chạy chầm chậm qua những con phố quen thuộc. 403 more words