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"Should I Be An Aupair?"

This is a question I have been asked countless times over the last year.. I usually end up sending multiple unorganized essays, there is just so much to it to answer in one simple message. 872 more words

Ann Coulter vs. Berkeley vs. ANTIFA

April 27, 2017.  Political commentator Ann Coulter has been rescheduled to speak at UC Berkeley after a previous cancellation.  Why am I against this?  Isn’t this a victory for free speech?  244 more words

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Prayers to my Guides...

To my Teacher and Healer Guides,
Please send me the strength and wisdom to grow from my experiences, and the ability to see my faults, to not forsake my fellow man or his… allowing me the compassion and understanding to love unconditionally and help create a world of peace. 55 more words

Record Store Day: An Account From Charlie Morel

Written by Charlie Morel

Saturday the 22nd April 2017 was the 10th annual Record Store Day, a worldwide celebration of independent record shops, supported by artists and fans alike internationally. 492 more words


Mạo từ A, An, The trong bài thi TOEIC

Rất nhiều bạn sử dụng sai Mạo từ a, an, the trong lúc làm bài thi TOEIC. Hôm nay  mình sẽ giúp bạn phân biệt cách dùng các mạo từ này để giúp các bạn… 442 more words