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OC's Favorite Mexican Food Writer

I’m driving home on Good Friday afternoon, stuck on the Santa Monicafreeway I’m flipping through the radio when I hear professor Gustavo’s voice on KPFK. I listened as he did his pitch for his new book… 680 more words

Ana Rosa Ramirez

Peanuts! Get your peanuts! Beisbol season is here...


As I was listening to the highlights of the Dodgers first game of the season, feelings of anxiety came rushing back to me. I remember watching our last game of the season last year, I was left hopeless and disappointed. 161 more words

Ana Rosa Ramirez

New president, same old problems...

Angry students demanding an end to the budget cuts and tuition increases, this seems to be the first images that come to mind when I think of higher education. 389 more words

Ana Rosa Ramirez

Love At First Sight. Lila Downs @ The Wiltern

It’s Saturday afternoon and I’m stuck on the 91 freeway trying to get back home. I had just spent my afternoon at my boss’ house making sausages. 802 more words

Ana Rosa Ramirez

Long Live Las Mujeres!

International Women’s Day- March 8th

A day to commemorate all the battles women all over the world have fought in name of gender equality. We fight for our human rights, against oppression, for equality!  59 more words

Ana Rosa Ramirez

El Güero Stole my heart...

“Ahora si te salieron bien ricos!” My father proudly proclaims as he devours down a plate of my moms beans. For as long as I can remember, my mother has been preparing, or in my eyes enslaving herself in the kitchen not only to feed us but to cook some unforgettable dishes. 931 more words

Ana Rosa Ramirez