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DIY Pantry Update V

The end is near!! I swear it!!

The pantry is all built now, besides the doors, so we are just working on the finishing touches! That means wood filler, sanding, and staining! 159 more words

DIY Pantry Part III

And back to the pantry! Why is it that projects take so much longer than you expect them to? It is the strangest thing. This project required two people so I keep having to wait until I get Dana for at least an hour. 216 more words

DIY Pantry Part II

Hello Hello Hello! It has been a crazy time around here! Lots to tell.

For now, I will stick with our progress on the pantry. 271 more words

DIY Adirondack Pallet Wood Chairs for $2.30

If you read my blog yesterday you would have seen my comment about the $2.30 adirondack chairs. That is no lie, I got the pallets for free from my father-in-law, already had some stain left over from the pergola I built and had quite a few 2 1/2″ deck screws left. 155 more words


DIY Pantry Part I

Remember when I talked about building our own pantry for our mudroom? About how I was using a plan from Anawhite.com for a bookcase with doors? 472 more words

DIY Rustic Console Table

We’re still building. We’ve been in our apartment since November 2014. Here it is March 2015 and we are still building furniture.  Ian is very much an “improver”, meaning he’ll look at something and think, “This could be better/more logical.” I look at something and think, “This could be more organized.” Hence we are still building furniture (places to store crap). 453 more words


So this is nesting...

You always hear about women “nesting” during their pregnancy.  I always knew women wanted to clean an organize, but what I didn’t know is that is also came with a seriously strong urge to decorate your house! 358 more words