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On a Wing and a Pamphlet

For Bishop Franz von Waldeck stamping out the Anabaptists wasn’t just a political crisis, it was now a grievously personal one. His natural son Christoph… 1,462 more words


Individuality in the Age of Heresy

The question of individuality is an important one. What makes us individuals may not be similar in fundamental terms to what makes us people, but it is an essential component of personhood. 2,407 more words


His Kingdom Come

While the Anabaptist community struggled to explain their newly polygamous lifestyle to their friends outside Münster, Franz von Waldeck had redoubled his efforts to bring the siege to an end. 1,540 more words


Polygamy and Protest

Like the awkward fetish revealed after marriage, Jan van Leiden tried to raise the topic of polygamy quietly at first. As far back as late May 1534 he spoke with Bernard Rothmann and some of the city’s leading preachers about its introduction. 1,595 more words


Of Shirts, Sorties, and Bible Service

Jan van Leiden wasn’t just out to reform the city physically though, it was time for a leadership facelift in Münster. Unlike Matthias’ thunderous teleconferences with God, van Leiden opted for a more carefully planned and staged kind of revelation. 1,749 more words


The Agony and the Ecstasy of Jan(s)

Two Dutch men with no relation to Münster had just executed a citizen in cold blood, only two men had spoken out. The city had literally sung their blessing for the incident. 1,608 more words


The Forge of Resistance

Not to distract from the drawn battle lines and pages of build up, but it’s worth a short detour to talk about the kind of siege both sides were getting themselves into. 1,239 more words