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The Spirit of God Decides

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One of the most defining moments in Church History occurred in 1523 in Zurich, Switzerland. 547 more words


A Mennonite Who Speaks in Tongues

By Deborah-Ruth Ferber.

While I am not from a Charismatic background, over the past 3-4 years I have become increasingly more charismatic in my beliefs and Christian practices. 2,488 more words

Miracles And Spirituality

492 years ago today

The date often used as the official beginning of the Reformation is October 31, 1517. Although Anabaptists and later Mennonites are most often identified as Protestants, they are really neither Protestant nor Catholic but a third stream during the time of the Reformation. 374 more words


We are part of a movement of Christians known as the Radicle Reformation or Anabaptism. If you get the chance check out Seattle Pangea. We have visited this church a couple times and love its visions and values. 28 more words


On 2K, Lutheran 2K, Anabaptists, Theonomy, and Germany

Proto-Protestant supplies perspective.

First, Anabaptists are out:

Westminster West’s Two Kingdom theology breaks at points with the Lutheran variety and is certainly somewhat hostile to Theonomy and yet its retention of Kuyperian Dominionism places it much closer to the Lutheran and Theonomist understandings of the Kingdom than it does to the Anabaptist.

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Spirituality Of The Church

Our Stance with the World: Anabaptist or Reformed?

The question of how Christians are to relate to the unbelieving world (including unbelieving culture) is an ancient one.  However, it’s always relevant.  Every generation has to struggle with this question anew.  1,334 more words

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