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Our peace is a lie

As part of my research for the workshop on Global Anabaptism that Jessica & I are facilitating in December, I watched the 1990 film The Radicals  1,261 more words

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Love Thy Syrian Neighbor...

I’ve been formed quite a bit by Anabaptist theology over the past several years. The witness and teachings of Christ obviously come into play here, in addition to Paul’s theology in several epistles. 594 more words

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We Believe

What you believe matters. It matters precisely because what you believe dictates how you live. One of the most important steps to figuring out why you believe what you do is to actually sit down and put into words what it is that you actually believe. 356 more words

Christocentric Theology

Pilgram Marpeck's Peace in Augsburg

Pilgram Marpeck’s Peace in Augsburg

In 1555, Charles V agreed to a treaty with members of the Schmalkadic League to institute what is now referred to as the “Peace of Augsburg.” This treaty provided Lutherans with religious toleration under specified districts via the principle of… 3,340 more words

Church History

Entering the mud puddle

This week’s entry is written by Steve Plenert, peace program coordinator for MCC Manitoba.

Well, that was interesting, wasn’t it?

The just-completed election season leaves us with a dramatically shifted political landscape – at least as far as power in Ottawa is concerned. 603 more words


The Secret of The Strength

Magic potion?

The year was 1527 and there was a strange story being spread in Austria. There was supposedly a magic potion that people drank, causing them to change drastically. 959 more words



The Movement Begins

“Notice concerning baptism. Baptism shall be given to all those who have been taught repentance and the amendment of life and believe truly that their sins are taken away through Christ, and to all those who desire to walk in the resurrection of Jesus Christ and be buried with Him in death, so that they might rise with Him; to all those who with such an understanding themselves desire and request it from us; hereby is excluded all infant baptism, the greatest and first abomination of the pope.

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