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An Early Church theologian that Can Help Us Subvert White Supremacy!: The Epistle to Diognetus and an ancient call to imitate God

(Full text available at Christian Century where it was originally posted). Having an opportunity to peak into the life of the early Church is always intriguing. 151 more words


Modern Churches Serious Lack of Reflection Concerning the Table

Presently I find that many professed Christians will view the Lord’s Supper with either a thoughtless cavalier attitude or they will overly dramatize it and focus more on ritual, trappings and pomp. 702 more words


The Limits of Liturgy

Regular readers of this blog and people who know me personally are well aware of my strong affinity for liturgical worship. I love it so much that I have not been willing to compromise my relatively new-found convictions in this area, not even to save my job. 809 more words


The Mennonites that say "Meh"

This week’s blog is written by Cory Funk, advocacy research intern for January to April, 2015 in the Ottawa Office. Cory is a graduate in history and religion from the University of Winnipeg and an outdoor enthusiast. 957 more words


Women as equal partners

This is my part 1 of my review of the book, A Living Alternative: Anabaptist Christianity in a Post-Christendom World. This entry will focus on the introduction and the first section “A living alternative rooted in the past.” 316 more words

Why more books?

It was rather surreal to see the book in print. In case you missed the tweets and Facebook posts, we rolled out the first book of a new constructive theology series from a Brethren perspective. 794 more words

Church Of The Brethren

Proclaiming hope in a world dominated by stories of fear

It’s everywhere isn’t it? Social media interaction that is.

In fact it’s so all-pervasive, if Descartes were around today I’m sure he would have said: I tweet, therefore, I am. 273 more words