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Anabaptists, Anglicans and Violence

I’m not an Anabaptist, although I am sympathetic to their ideals. The Anglican church however has several tenants in direct opposition to a number of key Anabaptist tenants. 1,742 more words


The Reformers and Their Stepchildren

The Stepchildren

I had heard the compliments a thousand times. “Your people are so wonderful: hard working, solid families, simple lives, and good pies.” The more they went on, the more my ballooning pride neared its bursting point. 1,140 more words

The Legacy of Anabaptist Münster

Needless to say, for fictional writers and political theorists, Münster has something for everyone. Later sympathetic communists and some Mennonites have argued that the sources themselves added in the more salacious details. 1,282 more words


Look on my works, ye mighty

Over the next six months the Anabaptist leaders were alternately subjected to rounds of theological questioning and torture. As Franz von Waldeck picked through the ashes of Münster, it was not enough to defeat Jan van Leiden, they had to actually get him to repent his beliefs. 1,681 more words


Christmas Miracles, Easter Resurrections

By early winter, the city was truly feeling the pinch of the siege. While King Jan’s inner circle and the city’s guards continued to eat well, everyone else was running out of food. 1,436 more words


On a Wing and a Pamphlet

For Bishop Franz von Waldeck stamping out the Anabaptists wasn’t just a political crisis, it was now a grievously personal one. His natural son Christoph… 1,462 more words


Individuality in the Age of Heresy

The question of individuality is an important one. What makes us individuals may not be similar in fundamental terms to what makes us people, but it is an essential component of personhood. 2,407 more words