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When the Pastor Isn't Blogging...

It has been a while since I have blogged here, and I haven’t blogged much recently on my personal blog, either. There are several reasons for this slow-down, not least of which is simply the need for a bit of a break during a busy season of life and ministry. 420 more words

Michael Pahl

Ten years ago today...

Ten years ago today I started my first (and, so far, only) sabbatical leave. I spent three months in England resting and reconnecting with friends and family, as well a spending time with the good folks from the Anabaptist Network in the UK. 652 more words

How to Save a Church Movement from Extinction

Originally published at Jesus Army.

Andreas Ehrenpreis is not a well-known name in church history, but what he managed to do is truly astonishing. Born 1589 in Illingen, Germany, Andreas was brought up as an Anabaptist – a persecuted, radical Christian movement that emphasised faith, peace and justice. 462 more words

Justice & Economics

What kind of Christian politics? Some beginning thoughts

Ted Grimsrud—April 5, 2017

We are living in interesting times. I can remember in the late 1990s having several conversations with progressive friends about the future of Christianity in the United States. 2,644 more words


The Cowardly Objector?

“A man who would not help to defend his country and womankind is a coward and a cad.” – The Telegraph 

The Last Objectors

One of the more common and unfortunate characterizations of the Conscientious Objector or pacifist is that of the coward.   1,572 more words


Anabaptism as a Charismatic Movement

by Stuart Murray
Originally Published in Anabaptism Today, Issue 8, February 1995, and on the Anabaptist Network website.

What would sixteenth-century Anabaptists have made of the “Toronto Blessing” that has impacted many churches in Great Britain in recent months? 1,577 more words


Reinventing Peace

We live in a broken and hurting world. It cannot be ignored that division is the norm for Western society. The fractured nature of humanity is not new—it has been recorded throughout history for many millennia. 940 more words