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Waiting On God An exploration of the basis for the new testament peace witness in the first (old) testament

The Psalmist counsels us “wait on the Lord”! What do you think of or imagine yourself doing in response to this counsel? In what situations have you recalled passages from the Bible that include this phrase? 674 more words


Properly understanding two-kingdom theology (from an Anabaptist perspective)

There are at least three possible versions of two-kingdom theology. Dwight Gingrich recently had a discussion thread on Facebook where he offered the following three views: 1,451 more words


April Notes

Creation Sunday

Creation Sunday or Creation Care Sunday is celebrated today. It is generally observed the Sunday nearest Earth Day (April 22).

The Psalmist tell us: “The heavens declare the glory of God… 865 more words

"Waiting On The Lord"

With Water and Spirit – A Baptism Sermon (136)

On this particular Sunday, it is Pentecost Sunday, we are here once again to worship God. This is how we begin each week. But on this special Sunday we are also here to baptize and receive new members into our covenant community. 1,299 more words

Faith After Christendom

Dreher's " Benedict Option": Part 4—A Believers' Church Alternative

Ted Grimsrud

In reflecting on Rod Dreher’s book, The Benedict Option, I have: (1) Summarized things I appreciate in his discussion, maybe most centrally his assertion that Christians need to take very seriously how our faith should shape our lives in a deeply problematic contemporary North American culture. 2,176 more words


Niebuhr or Wink? “The Paradox of Progressive Political Theology,” Yes—But “The Powers Can Be Redeemed”

Richard Beck has written a series of blog posts that have been churning in my thoughts for many days. The essential thrust of his posts is that progressive Christian political theology thinks it is Anabaptist when in actual fact it is Niebuhrian—or perhaps should be. 855 more words

When the Pastor Isn't Blogging...

It has been a while since I have blogged here, and I haven’t blogged much recently on my personal blog, either. There are several reasons for this slow-down, not least of which is simply the need for a bit of a break during a busy season of life and ministry. 420 more words

Michael Pahl