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An Anabaptist Ethos - Part 3

Having written about my personal interest in Anabaptism in Part 1, and about the basic theological tenants (in my view) of Anabaptism in Part 2, I’m going to attempt now to reflect in general on the social and political implications of the movement. 1,574 more words

Church And State

Could It Happen Again?

I had never heard of the term “epic fail” when I went through one in 1986.

At age 36, I was in my second year as pastor of a large Mennonite Church in Harrisonburg, VA. 1,220 more words


A Journey To More Open Table Fellowship

I will like to tell you a short story about a change that happened recently at my house church as a result of a shift to a more community centered theology, coupled with a deeper understanding and application of the history and background of Jesus and his disciples. 1,090 more words


...and THEN

The next book in the series I’m calling the “Schneebelungenlied” will be about the members of the Schneebeli family who left Europe and came to America. 712 more words


#65. Missan

Six left!

Today’s is a bit shorter, because I’m between church and Sunday afternoon volleyball, but want to get this out. Missan is the Sara (also known as… 393 more words

Flags of the Heart (The Real Problem)

I’m an Anabaptist pastor. So I’m not a big fan of flags, certainly not as a sticker on my car or sitting on the stage meant for the worship of Jesus. 717 more words


An Open (And Very Personal) Letter to the Mennonite Church USA

Columbus, Ohio

June 21, 2015

Dear Friends:

There are two things I need to say to the Mennonite Church USA. The first is “Thank you.” The second is “I’m sorry.” 847 more words