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A Taste for Martyrdom

This is the first post I wrote that explores our Anabaptist past. It was first published in November, 2014.

Mennonites trace their roots to the Anabaptists of the Sixteenth Century. 791 more words

The Drunken Mennonite

How I Failed as a SuperMennoMom

This post first appeared for Mother’s Day, 2015 but I think the reflections are mostly still relevant.

A number of years ago, one of my fellow graduate students called me a supermom. 1,293 more words

The Drunken Mennonite

Never let Motherhood get in the way of a Good Martyrdom

Like any good Mennonite following an Anabaptist tradition, whenever I have doubts as to my decisions as a mother, I just ask myself: What would… 877 more words

The Drunken Mennonite

What is "Pacifism"?

Pacifism is on the way out in some circles, even as it’s trending in others.

I’m certainly not the first or the only one to have noticed this. 401 more words

Michael Pahl

Core Convictions of the Anabaptist Network (2016 rewrite and repost)

In my last couple of posts on Anabaptism, I talked a bit about Anabaptist history. History is interesting to me, but I’m sure it doesn’t turn everyone’s crank, and if all I had been doing on my 2007 sabbatical leave was historical study, I’m sure some members of my parish might well have questioned its relevance to our vastly different contemporary situation. 1,056 more words

Following Jesus

More About the Beliefs of the Sixteenth Century Anabaptists

This article first appeared on my blog early in 2007, a couple of months before my sabbatical leave. I have slightly revised it here.

Anabaptism in the sixteenth century was a diverse movement; it didn’t have any strong central authority (unlike the Anglican reformation in England, which was entirely under the control of the King). 1,084 more words

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