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Anacapa Swim Recap

On September 20, 2014 I became the 53rd person to successfully swim the 12.2 miles from Anacapa Island to Oxnard. I landed on Silver Strand Beach. 3,253 more words


Oh yeah... that

I got the farm work done early this morning and realized I had enough time to actually float the boat today. But I quickly realized that as focused as I’ve been on the boat, there are a lot of other things that have to happen to get her in the water. 183 more words

My Anacapa Crew Rocked! <3

No solo marathon swim is entirely done by oneself. A crew can make or break a swim. I learned on Saturday how important that really is and was very fortunate to have an awesome crew. 1,558 more words


Blogging 101: who I am and why I’m here

Hello everyone,

I have joined the Blogging 101 group with WordPress as a tool to get me to become a bit more consistent with the form of social media. 135 more words


RICE one's ankle over 10.5 miles

I finally did my first real training swim in SoCal with my training buddy and friend Carol Hayden. I’m usually gone on the weekends but we swim together on the weekdays in Laguna Beach and are about the same speed. 820 more words


Channel Islands Adventure

I will post some fiction on Thursday. Over this last weekend, however, I went on an adventure and thought I might share some pictures.

Between Thursday and Sunday I accompanied my girlfriend’s family while they were brought out to the northern Channel Islands on a sailing ship. 321 more words