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Update: Handwritten digit recognition and Brian tutorials

Yesterday I worked through the TensorFlow tutorial for creating a neural network to recognise handwritten digits using the MNIST dataset. The tutorial provided code for creating the neural network, training it and testing it. 418 more words


Update: TensorFlow, Anaconda, Brian and constructive spiking neural networks

If you are interested in receiving email notifications of these blog posts, there is now a email field and follow button available on the Home Page. 255 more words


How to Get Started with Python 3

While we aim to explain data science concepts on a very basic level and offer some examples, this blog is not necessarily designed to teach you how to code. 663 more words


1. Introduction, and installing python for healthcare modelling


This site is a collection of code snippets that help me use Python for health services research, modelling and analysis. When learning something new I always work on a small code example to understand how something works, and to keep as a handy reference. 207 more words

Health Service Research

Eric's Top Ten Horror Film Guilty Pleasures

Am I embarrassed that I like these movies so much?  No! (yes)

If you are a horror movie fan, and if you’re reading this blog, you most certainly are… or are horror curious… you will be carrying some serious film baggage with you.  2,048 more words

When your CentOS 7 install fails, anaconda in CLI to the rescue

Ok, I know I’m always trying to do stuff a bit non-standard (No, running Mageia everywhere IS standard !!)

So this time, I wanted to update my CentOS 6 deployment server in Geneva to CentOS 7 and automate its setup with ansible (I already have some playbooks here to help). 1,090 more words