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install keras + tensorflow (GPU) to Windows using anaconda

  1. Install Tensorflow and Keras
    1. Run Anaconda Prompt
    2. Install Tensorflow
      # pip install tensorflow-gpu
    3. Install Keras
      # pip install keras
  2. (Optional) Change Keras’ backend from Theano to TensorFlow …
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upgrade/downgrade python version of anaconda

Same as python packages, we can use conda install to upgrade/downgrade python version as

conda install python=*.*.*

To know the available version, just type

conda search ppthon

install pre-built dlib for python

following this page, we can install dlib pre-built library for python on all platform.
conda install -c conda-forge dlib

When I tried, the library had a conflict with CGAL 4.7. 9 more words

Hmmm Does Iggy Azalea's "Mo Bounce" Artwork Look Like Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda?"

By: Extra Eric

The booty wars have begun!

Iggy Azalea recently dropped the news that her new single “Mo Bounce” will drop on Friday March 24th! 162 more words


Happy St. Patrick's Day To All !

 A Celtic Prayer:

Posted by Scoop Trooley // March 17, 2017 // Proud To Be Irish-American 


Megaman: Scalable Manifold Learning in Python

megaman is a python module for scalable manifold learning.

So far, anaconda does not provide its binary for windows.

Brick Walls of Anaconda

Brick Walls That Talk To Us.

There are some really great old vintage ghost signs painted on the sides of buildings around Anaconda. Do you know where these are? 23 more words