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"Love That Sofa" / Memorable Fancies #1162

[“4. What type of relationship would you rather have with furniture?” – question from a Survey Monkey survey, March, 2015.]

     Dear Monkey: I have a problem with my current relationship with furniture. 75 more words


"Looking at Each Other" / Memorable Fancies #1132

[“And when we no longer have each other to look at”] – John Ashbery]

…we’ll look at someone else – as we’ve secretly looked all along. 19 more words


"Analogy of Love" / Memorable Fancies #1123

     The doctor waits for the patient. The patient waits for the doctor. There is an issue here, as neither is willing to not-wait for the other. 60 more words


"Pretend" / Memorable Fancies #1114

[“Can I pretend that I don’t know and you tell me all over again?” – Alan Bennett]

     So then you pretend to tell me and I pretend to listen. 37 more words


"The Conversation" / Memorable Fancies #1109

[“So I assumed a double part, and cried / And heard another’s voice cry” – Eliot, Little Gidding]

       It was a typical conversation between her and me: she was out somewhere and I spoke for her as well as for myself: the condemnations, the excuses, the lies. 52 more words



I both love and do not love, and am mad and am not mad.



Drinking with the Ancients: Homer, Anacreon, Theognis and Friends on Imbibing

Just in time for the weekend: drinking advice from the ancient world

Horace, Epistulae 1.19.6


“Homer is said to have been a drunkard because of his praise of wine”

418 more words