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"Looking at Each Other" / Memorable Fancies #1132

[“And when we no longer have each other to look at”] – John Ashbery]

…we’ll look at someone else – as we’ve secretly looked all along. 19 more words


"Analogy of Love" / Memorable Fancies #1123

     The doctor waits for the patient. The patient waits for the doctor. There is an issue here, as neither is willing to not-wait for the other. 60 more words


"Pretend" / Memorable Fancies #1114

[“Can I pretend that I don’t know and you tell me all over again?” – Alan Bennett]

     So then you pretend to tell me and I pretend to listen. 37 more words


"The Conversation" / Memorable Fancies #1109

[“So I assumed a double part, and cried / And heard another’s voice cry” – Eliot, Little Gidding]

       It was a typical conversation between her and me: she was out somewhere and I spoke for her as well as for myself: the condemnations, the excuses, the lies. 52 more words



I both love and do not love, and am mad and am not mad.



Drinking with the Ancients: Homer, Anacreon, Theognis and Friends on Imbibing

Just in time for the weekend: drinking advice from the ancient world

Horace, Epistulae 1.19.6


“Homer is said to have been a drunkard because of his praise of wine”

418 more words


I, too, wish to sing of heroic deeds
(about the Atreides, and about Kadmus),
but the lyre’s strings
can only produce sounds of love.
Recently, I changed the strings, 65 more words