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Anacreon fr. 395.9-12 (Stobaeus, Anthology)

“Hades’ hall is horrifying
And the passage there is hard.
Worse: it is decided that
who ventures there does not return.”

Ἀίδεω γάρ ἐστι δεινὸς
μυχός, ἀργαλῆ δ᾿ ες αὐτὸν
κάτοδος. και γὰρ ἐτοῖμον
καταβάντι μὴ ἀναβῆναι


"The Apples of Desire" / Memorable Fancies #1347

[“you stood among trees hung / with bitten apples” – Louise Glück]

We take a bite from each apple; then, disappointed, go on to the next, always hoping to find the right apple, the one the serpent told us about, the one that will, finally, make us human. 40 more words


Fragmentary Friday II: Wars at Troy and Thebes Can't Conquer Love (Anacreonta, Anacreon)

From the fragmentary Anacreonta (imitations of Anacreon once thought to be real), we have another mention of Thebes and Troy together:

Anacreonta, fr. 26… 114 more words


"I Remember Your Dream" / Memorable Fancies #1186

[“Do you remember my dream?” – Sylvia Plath]

     “I know what you dreamed,” she said, “from all that thrashing and mumbling,” and she proceeded to tell me what I’d dreamed, in detail. 73 more words


"Love That Sofa" / Memorable Fancies #1162

[“4. What type of relationship would you rather have with furniture?” – question from a Survey Monkey survey, March, 2015.]

     Dear Monkey: I have a problem with my current relationship with furniture. 75 more words


"Looking at Each Other" / Memorable Fancies #1132

[“And when we no longer have each other to look at”] – John Ashbery]

…we’ll look at someone else – as we’ve secretly looked all along. 19 more words


"Analogy of Love" / Memorable Fancies #1123

     The doctor waits for the patient. The patient waits for the doctor. There is an issue here, as neither is willing to not-wait for the other. 60 more words