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In Star Wars, time flies. Or crawls. Or something.

Time moves strangely in the Star Wars universe.

At the end of Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, the knightly Obi-Wan Kenobi hands baby Luke Skywalker to farmer Owen Lars and his wife, Beru. 306 more words

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Midi-chlorians Are the Powerhouse of the Jedi

Hello everyone and welcome back to The Sarlacc Pit. Here at The Sarlacc Pit I sometimes like to strike up some controversy, and there is a surprising amount of controversy in the Star Wars franchise. 1,219 more words

Dancing with the Devils by Drew Brett

Leaving the theater after watching Rogue One for a second time, I had two questions that stood out:

“Why did I watch this movie in a normal seat when I could have gone to a theater with recliners, again?” 2,771 more words

Rogue One

The Story in Your Eyes

Maz Kanata felt the young Jedi’s presence long before she heard him coming up the path behind her. She was well concealed from his view, seated cross-legged against the low stone wall, but she knew he sensed her too. 1,230 more words

Star Wars The Force Awakens

New page... #3 for Big Clean issue 6

Whoopee! With this one, I tried spinning. That’s a good trick!

May The Force Be With You... Princess Leia...

May The Force Be With You

—Star Wars

Adakah manusia yang dilahirkan secara lahiriah lalu tiba-tiba bersifat “Dark Side”? atau jika memegang prinsip atau teori tabula rasa, adakah ia suatu saat dapat berkecenderungan terhadap “sisi buruk” itu? 367 more words


Anakin Skywalker Inspired Cosplay: Construction and Pictures

After making this costume, I have discovered that Anakin’s costume (and any other Jedi costume) is basically the most impractical outfit for fighting that I know of. 1,506 more words

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