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Rebels Chat, Episode 51: Clone Wars, Season Two, Episodes 12-15

Welcome to The Wookiee Gunner’s Rebels Chat, a family-friendly podcast, where Johnamarie and Maria share impressions, reactions, and favorite moments of the latest Star Wars Rebels… 156 more words


It's Not Cool to Hate the ‘Star Wars’ Prequels Anymore | Inverse

I am super happy to see this. A struggle for me over the last 20 years has been to get folks to see the Star Wars… 430 more words


Random Side Project: Anakin-Inspired Cosplay

It’s that time when I’m just itching to sew something and I have ideas and money to spare, so I will now introduce the next random side project: Anakin Skywalker-inspired Jedi cosplay! 1,139 more words

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Darth Vader #24 - A Moving Masterpiece

I wasn’t planning to write this post.  I’m normally not one for single issue reviews or reflections.  But when I read Darth Vader #24 on Wednesday I did something I’ve never done with a comic…I immediately flipped to the front to read it again.  1,958 more words

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Anakin Skywalker VS Darth Vader

Obviously this didn’t actually happen. Darth Vader’s life support system was disabled by Cylo IV and all of this happened inside his head. I guess it’s supposed to be some sort of symbolic memory where Darth Vader consumed Anakin Skywalker.

From – Star Wars: Darth Vader #24


Darth Vader Dream On The Duel On Mustafar

So what was it? Regret? Regret that Obi-Wan didn’t finish him off? Your headspace is not a fun place to be, Vader.

From – Star Wars: Darth Vader #24


Darth Vader 24 review

This is the penultimate issue of Kieron Gillen’s Darth Vader run. This past story arc is basically Darth Vader on a rampage against traitors within the Empire. 475 more words

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