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Tell Me Lies

Senator Leia Organa gave her thirteen-year-old son a quick kiss on the forehead. “This meeting should be short, sweetie, and then we can have some lunch together. 940 more words

Star Wars The Force Awakens

Thorn in My Side

Ten meters from the ramp of his command shuttle, Kylo Ren paused as the black smoke curled up from the ruins of Maz Kanata’s castle and the last desperate skirmishes played out. 951 more words

Star Wars The Force Awakens

The Elusive Angel

“Are you an angel? Aw I’m just kidding. That’s the worst line I’ve ever used. Hope some poor kid doesn’t start using it.”

—Atton Rand,  209 more words


"I won't leave you...not this time."

Just watching my idol kicking ass, as usual. Don’t mind me crying over here just because the season finale of the second season of Rebels has done all sorts of tangling with my emotions. 328 more words

Bringing Balance to the Force

Anakin Skywalker was suppose to be the chosen one. He was to bring balance to the Force, and there are many who would argue he did by killing most of the Jedi. 388 more words

Star Wars

Anakin's Fall and the Prequels' Worth

I’ve never fully understood why George Lucas’ Prequel Trilogy is such a divisive topic among Star Wars fans, generating more ire than makes any sense to me.  2,785 more words

Rebels Chat, Episode 52: Clone Wars, Season Two, Episodes 16-19

Welcome to The Wookiee Gunner’s Rebels Chat, a family-friendly podcast, where Johnamarie and Maria share impressions, reactions, and favorite moments of the latest Star Wars Rebels… 178 more words