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Anal Bleaching is For Sex, Wife Assures Husband

Glen Martin says he’s the only human being on the face of this earth who ever sees his wife’s butthole up close, so she must have had him in mind when she had the little dark area around it bleached. 2,732 more words


The Drove: Dating Advice!

The Drove’s own Phil and his lovely wife just had their first baby, so Phil is taking a step back from the Drove for the time being to enjoy this time and to be there for his family. 61 more words


Battle Poem for My Huge Cock in Your Native Tongue

Battle Poem for My Huge Cock In Your Native Tongue

She hits the off ramp like a madman
and peels my bones off
between the smallest details… 44 more words


Tonight I saw an improv scene that was just so delightful.

It was kindof dark, and gritty. It didn’t rush. Slowly, the characters were discovered and developed. 104 more words


Top Story: The Trouble With Booty Hair

Booty hair. That sounds funny doesn’t it?

I hate being a hairy woman.

Anal hair, like pubic hair (I’m sure they’re an extension of each other) has a purpose but I grow what I consider to be an excessive amount of both. 64 more words

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