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24 People Reveal The Secret To Excellent Anal Sex

1. “It’s not a hole. It’s a human being. The better you connect the better it will be.” — Rob, 36, New York

2. “You really, really, REALLY have to use lube. 791 more words

Anal, Armpits, Weed, and Pretend Breastfeeding

I’d like to have anal sex with a guy someday, as in give him anal sex with a strap-on.  I had never thought of doing that before I saw the… 978 more words

Sexual Experiences

Thoughts which make me come

For as long as I can remember, I have enjoyed inventing stories in my head, and since I hit puberty, the vast majority of these fantasies have involved sex (I’m sure my high school English teachers would be delighted that I have been putting my creative talents to such good use). 315 more words


Sissy Pitching

This was from this past Saturday…

Lindsay had been not so subtle the last time her sub Gene was over, hinting that I would be taking Gene’s ass.  1,110 more words

a new first on the horizon?

As things with Dave have gotten more relationship-y (actual dates, conversation, full-on mouth kissing!, etc.), things with Lindsay have taken a sharper edge.  It’s not like they planned it, but I don’t think it’s a coincidence, either.  1,175 more words

You Feel Like a Lady

When she kisses you, your heart skips a beat.  When she holds your hand, you sigh with contentment.

When she fucks you from behind, you cry like a girl and moan like a whore.   39 more words


My favorite type of cuckolding

The first time I met Dave I watched him fuck my wife, K.  He was my first in a sense — cuckolding me.  Later that same weekend, he… 426 more words