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The worst thing is when I’m on the phone with a guy for two or three hours and I need to find time to strategically pee or do other things. 163 more words

Phone Sex


When I arrived at Master’s for the evening I knew I was going to be punished. I had disobeyed him and he told me that due to my infraction there were going to be consequences. 1,762 more words


Don't Slow Down (Action Packed 2)

Kate steals expensive cars for her boyfriend, Karma, who sells them off to the highest bigger. Karma is sex embodied, and Kate would do anything to get him off and keep him coming back for more. 128 more words

Double Penetration

Pegging the Policeman (Professional Penetrations 3)

When Officer Heath Rowe responds to a seemingly tame check welfare call, he doesn’t expect to arrive on the doorstep of his former secretary, Sarah, from his old desk job. 95 more words


Pegging the Professor (Professional Penetrations 2)

Professor Drew Monroe is starting off another unspectacular semester of teaching Intro to Philosophy when he spots a face in the crowd that he can’t stop thinking about. 122 more words


Pegging the Pastor (Professional Penetrations 1)

Pastor Will Peterson has sworn off women since he graduated from seminary and started working at a new church. Sexual fantasies would just get in the way of his ability to help his congregation. 102 more words


lunar pull

Many people don’t know that I’m also an astrologer. It’s amazing how many strange calls that I get when the moon is full or when other interesting astrological shit is happening. 75 more words

Phone Sex