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I'm like anal sex.

I’m a dick and an asshole, all at the same time.

I’m also poopie and lots of fun xD


An Irruption of the Real

For my birthday, she took me to a fancy restaurant. “Here,” she said, sliding a package across the table during the intermezzo course. The rectangular shape of the package betrayed its contents. 175 more words

Short Fiction

Forced Submission by Sandra Claire

Matty would never have expected Scott, the university jock and his lifelong bully, to look at him with lust. For all of high school, Scott tormented Matty mercilessly, doubling his efforts as soon as Matty came out as gay. 121 more words

New Releases

Updating My Sex Bucket list

I was pondering this list for a few reasons…I went on to many of your blogs and read your lists (so much more comprehensive than mine!) and  I can’t keep up with Bobby and his bright ideas! 341 more words


Still Talking Ep. 23 w/ @SheFlirty

Last week’s guest, Lashundra Rucker of SheFlirty.com, sparked a lot of feedback when she suggested that women who are interested in anal sex but can’t get the satisfaction from their men, should practice with a gay man. 76 more words

T.R.I Radio

Anal Sex Tips for Beginners

One of the benefits of getting pegged is that you know what it’s like to get fucked. My first “anal sex” experience was not with me getting fucked though. 602 more words