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Anitta is planning to release a new album entirely in english

On vacation in Los Angeles, the Brazilian singer Anitta revealed to a local journalist her plans to record new songs in English later this year.


Nicki Minaj's Sniffable, Lickable Ass

I’ve pumped my cock to Nicki Minaj’s fat ass ever since May 2012, when I first watched her “A$$” music video. Terrible song, but when she says the words, “kiss my anus and my anus, ‘cuz it’s finally famous” and “can someone point me to the best ass eater?”, I came buckets. 58 more words


I'm So Obsessed With Girls' Asses (My Girlfriend's Cousin Kimberly)

I used to think I was an anomaly for being so fucking obsessed with women’s butts. I mean, it’s more than just loving a nice, round ass. 162 more words

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The Paradox of Ubiquitous Sex

In the 1990’s anal sex was the taboo du jour. Then came the ‘Sex in the City’ and we started feeling sexy, edgy and bold enough to burst this taboo. 906 more words