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The Bigger, the Better

When I look at the website stats, the #1 most searched term that brings you to this site is “Wisconsin pegging”.  So congrats Wisconsinite men, you’ve proven that not only are you a friendly bunch, you always nod politely and say good morning, you also didn’t let Trump win your primary which shows you’re intelligent and now, on top of that you’re a little kinky.   919 more words

How to Buy a Sex Toy (or What I Learned from Working in a Sex Shop)

For those of you who don’t know: for the past seven months, I’ve worked in a sex shop.

It’s a super nice sex shop, too. It’s well-lit and smells like essential oils and the staff is super knowledgeable (if I do say so myself). 3,819 more words


Analysis: Lelo Hugo Black Anal Massage toy review

This review, unlike any other I can find online on this product, is 100% impartial.

I received my Hugo Anal Vibrator toy recently, it is as I write this a new toy to the Lelo product range. 742 more words


Your Panties or Mine?

Well, you’ve had an awful lot of questions about panties the last couple of weeks. Questions like: do guys really wear those?  Where do the balls go?   701 more words

The Particular Awesome Array of Adult Sex toys

The range of adult sex toys will be unexpected. Adult sex toys differ from strictly men or perhaps strictly feminine adult sex toys to be able to toys and games which you can use simply by equally sexes. 1,166 more words

Adult Toys

It's Not Just For Fun, I Swear

Sure, having a prostate massage feels great.  It has to, your perineum and anus have thousands of nerve endings that, when stimulated, give you pleasurable sensations all the way from just noticeable to intense.   253 more words