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First Look: The Runwell Turntable from Shinola Audio

Politicians can be extraordinarily annoying.

Every election season, we hear something misleadingly optimistic (or not) about “American Jobs”, specifically focusing on topics such as: manufacturing in the USA, the state of the states in the Rust Belt, the fact that those “good jobs” are now overseas and are/are not coming back. 1,339 more words


Devialet gets into the vinyl business with Lost Recordings

French digital amplification powerhouse Devialet seems to be looking to the past for inspiration instead of its usual focus on the future for products involving high fidelity. 301 more words


NEW: Shinola Launches Audio in Fall 2016

Color me “intrigued”.

Shinola and VPI have gone ahead and done something that makes my shriveled little heart grow three sizes, and just in time for the holidays. 933 more words


Tokyo record shops and disappearing jazz joints

This is another post that focuses on my continuing obsession with analog, record shops, and Japan in general. I stumbled across these videos chronicling some of the best Tokyo record shops open right now  while going down an Internet rabbit hole on the phenomenon of disappearing Japanese jazz clubs, which photographer Philip Arneill & journalist James Catchpole explored in… 136 more words


RMAF 2016: Margules... One of the sweetest systems you've never heard

I didn’t know what was going on in the room. The music sounded amazing, there was a cool-looking turntable, there were amps, and speakers I’ve never seen, Spanish was being spoken, there was a flash of bright light, and then I woke up in my hotel room three hours later… … 391 more words

RMAF 2016

DAC ALERT: Audio Note UK prototype R2R DAC spotted

An Instagram post surfaced yesterday that seemed to show a prototype Audio Note UK ladder DAC. Having had exposure to R2R DACs previously, I was familiar with how impressive, and immensely… 469 more words


CHECK IT: Inside Tokyo's Audiophile venues...

I don’t know about any of you, but I’ve been absolutely itchy with a desire to hit the streets of Japan, and check out all things audiophile. 664 more words