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MoFi™ Debuts New Turntables And More In Munich

Made-in-the-USA Turntables and Electronics Deliver “Original Master” Sound

Sebastopol, CA — MoFi™ has produced premium high-quality vinyl, CD, and SACD Original Master Recordings™ since 1977. 400 more words


AXPONA 2016: Into darkness with Sonus Faber, AMG, and Audio Research

Some of the set ups at AXPONA are altars to the Gods of high fidelity that seem to expect that you will kneel, or perhaps prostrate yourself at their feet as you grovel something like… 599 more words


AXPONA2016: Avantgarde Acoustics, Bergmann Audio, and Sutherland Engineering don't meet a horrible end

The coffee cup in the Avantgarde Acoustics room was very large, had no lid on it, and was filled to the brim with steaming coffee. It looked delicious, and I wanted to steal it, and have it for myself. 391 more words


AXPONA 2016: Vinnie Rossi breathes real life into Harbeth

If you want to clear out a room full of “audiophiles” super quick, just put on Aphex Twin, and crank it. British guys in bow ties practically leap from their chairs out the door, dudes in sweatpants with pamphlets from every room at Axpona? 758 more words


Review: Merrill Audio Jens phono preamplifier

I’m sorry, did someone say “gold”?

You don’t really see real gold very often — the actual metal — not in audio’s high-end, nor even in life generally. 2,632 more words