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Wireless TRNTBL streaming via Sonos – $429 to pre-order

A turntable that can rip ‘n stream your vinyl simultaneously to a Sonos system for multi-room playback  under $500 USD you say?

I’m listening.

VNYL… 290 more words


Review: Dynamic Sounds Associates Phono II

Being an audiophile is difficult.

Being an audiophile into vinyl is more difficult.

Being an audiophile who is so into vinyl that you have more than one turntable is bordering on a… 2,758 more words


Five turntable mats: An audiophile shootout

Please don’t shoot me, I’m only the record player.

That’s what I imagined my turntable saying to me after spending an entire weekend going back and forth listening to five different turntable mats varying in cost from $30 USD to $350 USD. 2,688 more words


Ballfinger Schallplattenspieler turntable: German analog lust

My analog inner soul died a little bit when I saw this turntable announcement from German über-hip design/manufacturing company Ballfinger the other day. The Schallplattenspieler… 234 more words


The Far Corners: Getting Deep into the Groove with the Spoltaire Phono Cartridge

By Modest I. Predlozheniye

“If you knew you could play your favorite album or the most valuable record in your collection and have it sound more beautiful than you have ever heard before with more fidelity and more realism, would you want to hear it?

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CES 2017: The Air Tight dojo in Las Vegas

Rarefied air.

That kind of sums up the Japanese house of Air Tight for me.

The Osaka-based bespoke electronics manufacturer celebrated its 30th anniversary last April, which is no small feat for an esoteric tube amplification-based company. 536 more words


PS Audio unveils Stellar DAC/Preamp, and stereo/mono power amplifiers

With the new Stellar Gain Cell DAC, S300 stereo power amplifier, and M700 mono blocks, PS Audio is serving notice that the sub-$3,000 USD high-fidelity market is in for some serious competition from Paul McGowan, and the crew in Boulder, Colorado. 501 more words