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how I sewed my camera-bag: sewing part3


so guess what? When I just beat my first cold there was  a second one waiting for me around the corner, knocking me down and keeping me in bed for last week. 224 more words



I was down with a cold last week and while I was home I developed some Black and White film I had shot last Autumn, the scanning system I have is rubbish but is all I have at the moment. 38 more words


January Day Out

I was planning all sort of things for this new year, but it is good I din’t commit publicly to any new year’s resolutions that I was never going  to achieve. 186 more words


City Lights

This was actually the first roll that I took on my new camera. A lot of the photos were blurry because I wasn’t used to the camera and I didn’t have a steady hand. 61 more words


Culture Crawl

Last month I went to this cool shindig on the Downtown Eastside, called the Culture Crawl. It’s a 4 day event where artists display their work and gives people the opportunity to look at their work (for free!) but also a chance for people to buy some of their pieces. 58 more words


Alright, you can take one!

We know that the second time I went to Emmenbrücke, I asked people if I could take a picture of them. The pictures of this experience are now developed. 73 more words