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How To Rewind The Film In Your Analogue Camera

If you have completed your film and now you are not sure how to rewind the film back into the film cartridge, I’ll show you how to do it in three easy steps. 147 more words


Aperture And Shutter Speed - Taking Pictures With An Analogue Camera

To start taking pictures with your analogue camera, you have to know some facts about the settings. As you may already know, you have to make the settings on your analogue camera yourself. 459 more words


How To Load A Film Into Your Analogue Camera

You got your analogue camera but you don´t know how to start using it? First of all you have to load a film into your camera. 235 more words



Analogue Stories is about celebrating our love for analogue photography. It features our Instagram followers and their work. We have Michael Tim for our fifth installment of our Analogue Stories feature. 2,610 more words

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Your Analogue Film Is Ripped And Broken? - Have Patience!

Your film is ripped and broken and you don´t know what to do? I have two tips on how you can fix it.

Some time ago I had the same problem. 264 more words


My Analogue Camera

“The idea of waiting for something makes it more exciting“ – Andy Warhol

That quote can not be more applicable than for analogue photography. What could be more beautiful than snapping 37 shots with your camera, you notice that your film is full, and you have to bring it to a camera shop in order to develop the film. 178 more words


Excatly Exakta !

There is something extremely charming about mechanical cameras,not only these can be more enduring even in rain since you can simply dry them, which you can not do with electronic ones, or when they fall what breaks will likely be the glass parts, and if not any part can be substituted more easily, than in an electronic camera. 373 more words

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