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walking around random places

Jakarta, Yogya, Mataram // April 2015 // Olympus Trip35 // Era Film (developed and scanned by C, at D’s facility, thanks guys!😘)

“I consider black and white colors too..” 29 more words

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walking on the cliff, playing in the water

East Lombok // March 2015 // Olympus Trip AF31 // Kodak Gold 200

“If it’s already written on the cliff and sung by the ocean waves, why worry, we say” 13 more words

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walking around rammang-rammang

Maros, South Sulawesi // March 2015 // Olympus Trip35 // Kodak Color Plus

“Now I have stopped searching for heaven, as I found it everywhere –spread all over, whenever my soul is at peace” 21 more words

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walking around bogor night market

Bogor night market, West Java // April 2015 // Olympus Trip AF31 // Kodak Pro Image

“This is where all your senses were activated”

19 more words

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how I sewed my camera-bag: sewing part3


so guess what? When I just beat my first cold there was  a second one waiting for me around the corner, knocking me down and keeping me in bed for last week. 224 more words



I was down with a cold last week and while I was home I developed some Black and White film I had shot last Autumn, the scanning system I have is rubbish but is all I have at the moment. 38 more words