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Japanese Culture's Influence On Its Education System

I am graduating from grad school next week. Yay! Anyway, in order to graduate, I needed to complete my “Final Project.” Basically, this was a hypothetical research proposal and we could write about anything related to education. 401 more words


fiction: democracies are peace loving nations

Democracies are peaceful, these spread peace and are the answer to a war-torn world.  Toppled dictatorships ought to be replaced with democracy for a more peaceful planet. 1,543 more words


The Colorful World Of Avatar (OWLS April Blog Tour)

This month for OWLS, our theme is colors! Although OWLS usually only concentrates on anime and Japanese pop culture, I decided to use a Western cartoon when I heard this month’s prompt: 1,631 more words


Gay LeFou: A Positive Or Negative Portrayal of Homosexuality?

I usually only write about anime and Japanese-related topics, but I am also a big fan of western animation. Beauty and The Beast is one of favorite Disney movies, so I was interested when I heard they were making a live-action version of the cartoon.   84 more words


Chuunibyou- A Disease or Sanctuary? (OWLS March Blog Tour)

If you were not already aware, I am part of an otaku group called OWLS, whose goal is to bring acceptance to the world using anime as a medium. 1,290 more words


Is Pokemon Go Against The Morals Of The Pokemon Franchise?

Since the last time I wrote about Pokemon Go in depth, the smartphone game has greatly improved. The developers have fixed many of the minor bugs and major ones too- the game runs smoothly, the navigation system works, there are fun events, and new Johto Pokemon have been released. 1,096 more words