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Man says he will "purge" in his threat video his plan is to murder three Trump supporters.

The man out lines his threat that he is going to kill three trump supporters he knows in three months when trump becomes president. Click here to see the video. 44 more words


Black Lives Matter supporters say that they are going to purge if Donald Trump becomes president on Twitter.

Some BLM (Black lives Matter) supporters have been saying they are going to purge if Donald Trump becomes president. Don’t take the threat of Black Lives Matter lightly. 46 more words


#168 If this then what? Using the IF Function in Excel

The IF function in Excel is a really useful one to be aware of as you can use it to help you to quickly analyse your data. 66 more words


Welcome to American Intellect

Welcome to the new website call American Intellect at americanintellect.com. The Purpose of this site is to educate The People of the United States about what is going on in the world and in the United States. 95 more words