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Aromatics Elixir by Clinique (With a Footnote on Context)

Does anyone smell a scent like Aromatics Elixir for the first time and actually like it? I am not so sure, and I continue to be dubious. 759 more words


fiction: democracies are peace loving nations

Democracies are peaceful, these spread peace and are the answer to a war-torn world.  Toppled dictatorships ought to be replaced with democracy for a more peaceful planet. 1,543 more words


You have the right to know.

Do you own a business? Do you need to protect your children? Are you in a committed relationship? Do you have enemies, perhaps maybe a stalker? 65 more words

Analysis of the music featured in Forrest Gump

Third year university work for which I was awarded a first.

Analysis of the music featured in Forrest Gump: In this essay I will discuss the music used in the feature film ‘Forrest Gump’ and the theories of film music presented by Jerrold Levinson, Phillip Tagg, Zofia Lissa, and Claudia Gorbman. 2,316 more words

Kenya Scarlett

Modernist Poster Analysis

(image found online)

The layout of this image, by AM. Cassandre,  makes use of strong verticals and diagonals to guide the eyes throughout the image. The eye of the main subject matter grips the viewer and you must forcibly wrench your gaze away to view the rest of the image. 718 more words

Architecture Poster Assignment - Units 4 And 12 (Year 1)

31 Days of Halloween 2016 #7 - Jacob's Ladder: An Analysis

All horror twists owe something to Jacob’s Ladder.  This movie is about death, obsessing and holding onto lost love ones, and the nature of memory.  The movie itself is weird like a David Cronenberg movie, but it has a point.   853 more words